Selena Gomez tells on Marie Claire


Published on May 11, 2016


Photos via Marie Claire

His adventure with the Revival Tour has just begun and Selena Gomez wanted to celebrate it by getting a new cover of Marie Claire.

The 23-year-old agreed to pose for the cover of the magazine in a very glamorous with a lot of full horizontal lines in black and red and small flowers crochet. Do you like it?

Inside the magazine you can also read the interview that Selena has released, focused on his relationship with agents and managers, but also on issues much more personal and private.

On his relationship with the manager and the agents:

“The authenticity is in my life. They make great choices, but the decisions I take myself.”

On’ hanging out with the guys:

“I had appointments, but now I'm having my best time ever. I do not trust anyone, therefore I can go out to have fun with someone only if it is people I know really.”

On the’ to be known in the past, more for the people that came out (aka Justin Bieber) and what they did:

“I was trying to promote something which they are in love, but at the time my interviews were focused on my private life. I'd leave the room without that feeling of defeat, without feeling embarrassed, but in the end I have always tried to print me a smile on the lips.”




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