Selena Gomez “I need to rethink my life”


Published on Jul 26, 2016


Photo: @ instagram/ Selena Gomez

It is a Selena Gomez tutt’ other that party that that on the day of her 24th birthday, it was left to go on Instagram for a comment decidedly cryptic.

The star of “Spring Breakers” has surprised everyone by posting on his social bookmark a post in which he interrogates and reflects on his current life:

“Tonight I feel extremely inauthentic, disconnected at the same time, both from myself, and from the music.” said the singer, “I never felt really my the clothes that I wear or my videos. I act for a moment and then it seems to me that nothing has happened. I feel stagnant and it stops and I can't help but wonder ‘is this really what I want with all my heart?’. In my life I have always told you the truth, I have always been true to my word, I showed who I really am, but now I need to think about some areas of my life in a way that is personal and creative.”

The Revival Tour, with its many commitments, has brought to the surface the nostalgia for his private life?

Selena does not descend into details, but he reassures:

“My negativity is not directed at everything I have done in my life. I am grateful for every single moment lived until now. Indonesia you have been strong and challenging. I love you.”




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