Selena Gomez has had a panic attack before AMA's


Published on Nov 26, 2019


Photo: @ Instagram/ Selena Gomez

Growing up in the spotlight and having won the favour of millions of people around the world, it is not enough to ensure the eternal safety and boldness in doing his or her job. Knows Selena Gomez on Sunday night, before climbing on the stage of the American Music Awards, 2019, has been hit by a panic attack.

The news was confirmed by two different sources vincine to the singer who would have decided to spiattellarla on authoritative pages And! News, and People.

In fact, it seems that Gomez felt particularly under pressure to the idea of returning to the stage after two years of absence, so as to not have stood the stress and be literally broke out in a few minutes from the beginning of his show.

“He was doing a lot of pressure on herself and just before getting on the stage and had an anxiety attack and panic.” said the insider to E! News.

“She was nervous and in the end he had an attack of pancio. Do not spit on the stage from two years old and this was a song important to his career. He really had a lot of desire to perform.” added another witness to People.

Selena has never concealed to suffer from anxiety disorders, but, on the contrary she spoke recently at the McLean Hospital:

“Last year I suffered mentally and emotionally and I have not been able to keep up with everything. I have not been able to smile and do things that are completely normal. I had the impression that all of my pain and my anxiety I had invested suddenly, and it was one of the most frightening of my life. I asked for help and the doctors have given me a clear diagnosis. In that moment I felt at the same time relieved and terrified. Relieved because finally I knew the reasons why I had suffered so much in the past years: it was a matter of anxiety and depression. Though I still can't say I'm out, after a year of intense work, I feel happier, healthier and I have control of my emotions and my thoughts, more than it has had in the past.”





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