Seems to be an Egg of Alien, but is a container activated by motion sensors!

Published on May 30, 2017

Here is the Egg Alien Unboxindustries, a container that opens using motion sensors designed for all the lovers of the saga horror / sci-fi

If you are a lover of the saga of Alien, like me, you will hardly find a container equipped with motion sensors, look of this (also because I don't think there are many others in circulation).

Made from Unboxindustries, it is a container realized as a egg of the xenomorph, taken from the original film Ridley Scott's 1979 Alien, the upper part of which opens through the use of motion sensors that allow us to relive the most anxiolytic of the film.

Thanks to a simple pass of the hand, once open, the egg will not contain, however, a facehugger as is the tradition, but, instead, they illuminate via a green led (optional and sold separately) that will turn the unusual container in a lamp.

Running on batteries or connected via a USB port, the egg, the size of 53 cm in height, is sold on the official website of the manufacturer for$ 200, excluding shipping charges.

Below you can see the cute commercial that shows the action of the egg, with much of the crew of the Nostromo “as a young man”:

I know that you want one, not to say no.

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