Security issues for 99% of the charger is not Apple certified


Published on Dec 02, 2016


A test conducted on the 400 charger is not certified by Apple shows that 99% of these products has not passed the test yet.

The tests were commissioned by several consumer associations in Great Britain and were conducted on more than 400 charger, in dozens of countries. Of the 400 models are purchased online, only 3 had a system of isolation sufficient to ensure the safety of the houses and users. For this reason, the associations invite the consumers to buy the charger only from reliable suppliers and if they are certified Apple MFi.

Leon Livermore, ceo of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute: “Buy the charger from manufacturers unknown can be risky. We invite all users to spend a little more to buy products that are original or certified MFi. It's your home and your life.”

The institute has provided four tips to check if a charger can bring security risks:

Our advice is to buy only accessories or Apple certified MFi. Otherwise, you risk seriously damaging your iPhone and compromise your security.


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