Security cameras to smart Nest IQ, Indoor, and Outdoor compatible with the iPhone!


Published on Oct 03, 2017


Nest offers three security solutions that are easy to install and with advanced features compatible with iPhone. These models Nest the IQ, Nest, Indoor and Nest Outdoor.

The Nest Cam IQ is a security camera from inside, that integrates a processor for the enhanced processing that allows to distinguish persons from objects. Thanks to the function Nest Aware, it is also possible to recognize the faces of several people.

At the aesthetic level, the camera is identical to the Outdoors, but designed for use inside the house. It goes well with any type of furniture, thanks to a form of the sober and such a neutral color such as white.

These are the general measures:

The cable is 3 m long, more than enough to install the camera anywhere in the house. The camera connects to the power outlet, and is not intended for use with the battery.

Nest Cam-IQ has sensor 4K HDR with 12x digital zoom and can also record 1080p video. Thanks to the function, Talk with and listen to in HD-the user can literally talk to the remote with the people who are in the room, listening to the answers. This function is also useful to listen to what happens in the home when we are away. Present also the function of reduction of echo and noise.

The real strong point of the Cam, the IQ is related to its algorithms, thanks to which it is possible to detect the difference between a person and an object, send a warning, to allow you to automatically increase the zoom for a closer look and follow the movements of a person, transmitting crisp video. With a subscription to Nest Aware, you can also receive a notification if the camera detects that a face recognized. The subscription also includes:

Here are the prices:

Certainly, among the most interesting we should mention the smart alerts: the Nest Cam IQ is able to recognize faces, and alert the user only when in the house they enter unfamiliar faces. Very useful is also the history of the video stored on the cloud. The video can be viewed from the iPhone app.

The free functions are the following:

The sensor is 4K, with 12x digital zoom and HDR technology Supersight, enables high-quality video (1080p 1920 x 1080 at 30fps), can you recognize every detail of people's faces that you introduce in the house. Hard to find better. Even at night the view is always sharp, thanks to the infrared LED at 940 nm that work perfectly in any condition. The viewing angle is 130 degrees.

The everything can be viewed from iPhone via the app's Nest, easy and quick to set up. With the app you can set up the camera directly from your smartphone by following the simple steps in the video. Once the configuration is completed, the iPhone will receive alerts in case of suspicious activity, according to the configurations set. With the app, we can also create live video for public or password protected to share with friends and family.

Nest Cam IQ also enables you to perform an automatic zoom on the people that wander around the room, allowing the user to always keep an eye on the entire scene.


The Nest cam IQ is a surveillance camera that delivers excellent video quality, as well as advanced functions with face recognition and auto zoom. Perfect integration with iOS, a great app. The quality, however, you pay for: the Cam, the IQ is one of the surveillance cameras, the most expensive in circulation, especially if we want to activate the enhanced features. Let us not forget, however, that this product integrates perfectly with other accessories in the Nest that you have or think you will purchase for your home: for example, you can connect Nest to lighting systems, and shutters of the windows that make it appear to outsiders that someone is home even when it is not so.



The Nest Cam IQ is available on Amazon at a price of 349€.

These two cameras have virtually the same characteristics, but are designed respectively for use in the home or outside.

The camera Nest Cam Indoor is ideal for monitoring the house 24 hours on 24. On the base there is a magnetic media that is versatile that allows you to easily adjust the position of the camera.

At the aesthetic level, the Cam Indoors, it is of a dark grey colour (remember the Space Gray by Apple) and made of aluminum. Modern and minimal at the same time. The cable length is 3 meters; in the box the kit for wall mounting. Alternatively, the cam can be supported on a surface, which is connected to a magnet or mounted on a tripod.

Great the sensor the 1/3" 3 MP with million colors, digital zoom 8x, more than enough to recognize the faces of people who enter the house. Video quality up to 1080p (1920×1080) at 30 frames/sec, encoding H. 264. Diagonal to 130 degrees. Also good is the night vision, thanks to 8 infrared LEDS, high power (850 nm). A Speaker and a microphone allow you to talk with people who are in the room and listen at the same time.

Without additional costs, we have:

With the above-mentioned subscription Aware (valid for all the cameras), it will continuous recording of the video, as well as:

All notifications are sent to the iPhone via the same app previously mentioned. Nest Cam detects movement or sounds evident, for example, a crash or glass breaking. If the system believes it has detected unusual activity and sends an alert to your smartphone or an email with a key image of the event. If the notice is lost, you can watch for free the snapshots of the last 3 hours by app Nest. With the event History, we can then find exactly what you're looking for in just a few seconds without watching hours of recording.

The Nest Cam Outdoor has the same technical features as the Indoor, but can be used outside thanks to its resistance to water and dust. White in color, this model is made entirely of plastic of excellent quality. Also the cable is waterproof.

Inside the box there is everything you need for mounting: the camera waterproof with USB cable 3-meter, magnetic holder flexible, to point the camera where you prefer, adapter and cable, weather resistant, cable ties. The long cable to the wall allows you to connect without difficulty to the camera even if the outlet is too far away.

Wifi reception is perfect even at long distances. App functions the same as the Indoor: this version is very useful for monitoring the garden and the exterior of the house.


The Indoor is a step forward compared to the Dropcam, to me not enough to justify the purchase if you already own the old model. Some of the advanced features are charged separately. The Outdoor is a perfect solution for monitoring from outside the house. Excellent quality/price ratio.



The Nest Cam Indoor is available at a price of 191 euros. The Nest Cam Outdoor is available at a price of 181€ (now on offer).







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