Secret Hitler: the board game about the rise of Nazism


Published on Sep 08, 2017


Secret Hitler is a deduction game for 5-10 players over the age of 17 years, and each game lasts about 45 minutes. The gameplay is very simple: during each game, will be present in the game a number of Liberals more than that of the Fascists, in addition to Hitler in person. The roles are obviously covered, for which you will need to pay attention to the moves of the other players, to understand what team members are: in this, the game is similar in structure to games such as Bang! and the Samurai Sword, created by the Italian Emiliano Sciarra, that some time ago, we interviewed for you, during the BGeek 2017.

The aim of the game is to get enough votes to be elected, so if the Liberals will find a way to recognize and start to play as a team, it will not be too difficult to get enough votes to dominate and win the game. But the Fascists, and Hitler will not be sure to watch the Liberals have the better of the Third Reich: will be willing to say anything to be elected, and then elected, also, of course, to divert suspicion from himself by accusing other players of being Fascists.

It will be necessary for the Liberals to work together as a team to try to prevent the rise of the Nazi party to power and discover the truth about the identity of the person who composes it, before which the Fascists are able to let go of the power their leader, Hitler.

The creators of this controversial game made it through a campaign on Kickstarter, which began on 23 November 2015, with the goal to raise $54,450 thanks to the contribution of the interested parties, in order to print the first copies of the game, which was illustrated by Mackenzie Schubert.

In just 24 hours, this figure had already been reached and doubled, and until August of 2016, when the first copies of the Secret Hitler were shipped to the buyers, over 30,000 people had supported financially the project, making of the Secret Hitler one of the top 5 board games that received the most support in the history of Kickstarter.

Not only that, when the game was available for purchase on Amazon, you immediately become, already at the launch, one of the board games sold more on Amazon, to the point that, recently, the second printing of secret Hitler is exhausted.

At the time, the purchase of the Secret Hitler is only intended for the american market, but is not represented any symbol of the nazi or fascist, or pictures of Hitler, which would make it much easier for its sale even in markets such as the German one.

However, if you are anxious to fight the Nazis, or experiencing the intoxicating feeling of having an entire Nation at your feet, fear not! On the official website of secret Hitler you can print your copy of the game, for FREE! The title, in fact, is distributed free of charge under a Creative Commons license and, according to the description on the site, to print and cut out everything you need to play will take about an hour, if you decide to do it at home, and about 20-30 minutes and$ 5 if you would rather print the game in a printing press or similar.

Source: NYT, SH.

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