Secret Empire: Marvel published a mysterious teaser


Published on Jan 09, 2017


A mysterious image that seems to be related to Captain America was released by Marvel

The written Secret Empire with the center of the shield, starred Captain America, and the bottom number by 2017. This is the unusual and enigamatica image published by Marvel.

The image seems to have some connection with the recent events of the series, Captain America: Steve Rogers, by Nick Spencer (author) and Jesus Saiz (illustrator).

This new series has captured on to a remarkable attention in the course of the last year, because of the important revelation that would see Steve Rogers might in fact be an agent of Hydra. We are thus facing an important turning point of the story?

In fact, the Secret Empire is an agency, a subsidiary of Hydra, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, led by the mysterious “Number One”, that, to escape capture, committed suicide in front of Steve Rogers and Falcon. Rogers brought the consequences of that suicide for years, but knowing now that Captain America is an agent of Hydra, the facts might be very different from how we know them until today!

We can only wait for the official release of the Secret Empire, which we know should occur in the course of this year.

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