Seasonal products: the discovery of the beans are delicious in the spring


Published on Apr 07, 2019


Let's talk about the products of the season and, since we are now in the spring, we think of a food that can't be missed on our tables during these months. Today, our focus is concentrated on the beans. And to get to know better all those who are the benefits of beans, we asked for advice to an expert. He tells us everything there is to know about beans, our friend Silvio Nanni, doctor, biologist and nutritionist. Dr. Nanni will show you what are the properties of this great product of the season, the broad beans, which like a lot to the italians.

Between the month of march and the month of may you can bring to the table also the fresh beans. Unlike other legumes, in fact, the beans can be eaten without being cooked.

Three straight on the beans:

◊Fava beans, a legume rich in protein and vegetable fiber but low in fat, in ancient times it was considered as the food of the poor par excellence. This is because of their low cost and simple availability.

◊ Are an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates, and but for this you have to take it with moderation!

◊ Pay attention to a serious problem related to their consumption. Indeed, in sensitive subjects, and designed, also the minimum consumption of beans, it triggers a cascade of reactions in the body that lead to acute hemolysis with jaundice (favismo).

A pound of beans is composed in large part, by water, between 80 and 85 percent; the proteins represent 5% of the total weight, as well as fibre and carbohydrates. Fats are extremely scarce, generally do not reach the 0.5 per cent. One hundred grams of fresh broad beans corresponds to about 70 calories.

For advice and to ask for a support to mr. Nanni, you can contact them via social, or an appointment at the number
3756252834 .

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