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Published on Dec 05, 2017


The twins, Marco and Giulio Rincione (the first writer, the second designer), class of 1990, continue their collaboration with the publishing house Shockdom taking part in the project, TIMED, universe superhero created by the founder Lucio Staiano that has a Earth futuristic, very close to our own, characterized by the conflict between two so-called Spread, and by the presence of the TIMED.

What are the TIMED?
These are people from the ability unusual, however, they have an “expiration date”: when the gift of the TIMED runs out, then its owner is destined to die. In addition, these gifts are not the classic superpowers, but to be treated exactly the same as the symptoms of a disease. It is in this way that the brothers Rincione interpret the concept of “TIMED” Screw of Paper.

Among the first releases TIMED (Rio 2031 before, the Song of The Waves after), the Screw of Paper is perhaps the most “existentialist”: ignores the political question of the Spread and focuses on the solitary life of Carl, a man who one day turns out to be a TIMED.

His power does not fall within any “super” abilities: nothing superhuman strength or speed of light, but an empathy taken to an extreme, which forces him to abandon not only his wife Molly, but the whole society. Carl decides to wait for death in total solitude, in the midst of the Wicklow Mountains (County Dublin).

But it is not completely alone: to keep him company are the paper characters created by himself, but sooner or later they all end up with him (in spite of the danger of the mysterious Predators, gigantic that beset those areas). All except Daria, the cook Italian, who is sincerely fond of him. Carl, however, will realize that, before his death, he will have to leave for a time his lonely refuge....

Immediately recognizable the technique of Giulio Rincione, that for a Screw of Paper reduces to a minimum the variety of the colours of his palette; it is possible to make a distinction between the pages that tell about the past, Carl, gray, and cold, and those that narrate the present, more brown and sad.

The other opposition concerns the characters: in fact, it is easy to distinguish the “screw paper” created from the mind of Carl by human beings real. For both “species” are highly stylized, like want to style Rincione, “screw paper” that give the name to the comics, they seem to be puppets incomplete, as the ideas hinted at and must try to complete by the sun.

If Rio 2031 had presented the setting of the universe, TIMED, Lives of the Paper make explicit the potential: a container of styles, narratives, and very different genres between them, also be read independently of one another, allowing authors to freely interpret a world of infinite possibilities. Of course, the comic is at times incomplete and confusing in some passages, but the project of Shockdom is definitely interested.



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