Scream: arrival in a new movie?


Published on Nov 07, 2019


After four movies and three seasons of the TV series, according to Bloody Disgusting should be in production a new film of the Scream.

There are more details on the fact that the film will be a continuation of the narrative of the previous films, or if instead it will be a reboot.

The original movie debuted in 1996 and has helped to revive the genre slasher, thanks to the film director Wes Craven, writer Kevin Williamson and the cast of talented young actors, many of whom have reprised their roles in the sequel: the fans have wondered what would have happened to the franchise after the death of Craven in 2015, given that you are passionate about like never before to the series.

Unlike many other franchise horror and their spare parts in the members of the cast and crew, Craven has directed every film in the series of Scream, and all four films are sttai played by Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette.

In 2018, the star Neve Campbell has revealed that, though not considered impossible, he would have had difficulty imagining a Scream 5 without Wes Craven: “Well, you know, I think that would be a challenge... Wes Craven is dead... he Was the reason those movies were so beautiful. I mean, obviously Kevin Williamson has written screenplays, brilliant. But you know, Wes was the heart of the thing. It was this that maintained the coherence dynamics. I think that it would be difficult to work with another director“.

Arquette, meanwhile, thinks that there may be a fifth film in homage to Craven: “Yes, absolutely. I'd like to do. I think [Wes Craven] would have still part in an incredible way. It would be like a tribute, Yes, I think it would be really fun. I love all those who are involved in it. Neve [Campbell] is still so incredible, so unbelievable as an actress.“

We keep our fingers crossed while waiting for an official confirmation to these rumors.

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