Schwarzer returns, wins and shocking

Published on May 09, 2016

Welcomed with satisfaction the return to the races, and to the success of Pantani in 2000, as well as the return of Maradona (Boca) after the scandal of Dallas ’94, so why is this crowding-out in front of the world triumph of Schwarzer in the 50km running?

Not knowing what to say to be final, or what the position is more just to keep in the precise moment in which an athlete, that he was wrong, he told a lot of lies but it also has paid and is cleaned up, gets back into gear, and even triumphs, earning him a place in the Olympics.

No doubts, many of them. And I do not find consolation in the fact that they do not belong only to me. Reading the comments to a post on the Courier, meet immediately with the representatives of one party and the other. Writes a player remains on the surface: “We are in the Country in which a person kills another by sliding with an umbrella, and after 9 years is ok. There are those who are indignant, who screams, but the things are so. Then a doping is paying for the entire worth (3 years and 9 months) without any reduction, and this is not enough. In a Country that suddenly and become like the wives of a small village of Bocca di Rosa that moralizzano all and all, I say: long live Alex, you were wrong and you paid for it, but now just. If the rules say that you can run (and win)”.

And here's the contrary opinion, and direct: “We are a country that rewards the scoundrels, now the one that is head-to-head becomes a hero. Only in Italy it works like that, and is this our greatest evil: always ready to justify to all, and always end with tarallucci and wine. Perhaps ethics you don't have heard of, like 98 % of the italians. Of the rest, think what a fine example for young people and for those who do not dopa”.

Precise that tolerance is not our exclusive: of sinners in various ways, and for the crimes that are more disparate, gambling, doping, rape of women, is filled with the history of the sports world, from Foreman to Pryor, by Liston, in Seconds, from Diamond to Daum, in Adams, to Paul Rossi.

I have “forgiven” Marco and Diego, I can not condemn Schwarzer. Yet if you ask me what I would do in an historic hotel found positive, the answer is only one: the radierei for high treason of the values of sport, and together with him caccerei the coach, the doctor, the president of the federation, all equally responsible. If not more.


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