Schwarzenegger gives 1 million for the purchase of medical supplies


Published on Mar 27, 2020


The actor and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, gives $ 1 million dollars to Frontline Responders Fund, through a fundraiser online. The amount of the donation, which amounts to approximately 920 thousand euros, will be devoted to the provision of masks, gloves and gowns, surgical for doctors and nurses who are fighting the coronavirus.

The collection of charities and Frontline Responders Fund is an initiative of GoFundMe. The amount of the donation is really high, but Schwarzenegger says that in a difficult time like this, interventionism is a moral obligation. The former Mister Universe announced through a post on Instagram in which he writes: “I have never believed in to sit on the couch and complain about how bad things are, and I always thought that we should all do our part to improve things”.

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Even in the United States, came the pandemida caused by the covid-19. At the moment, there are about 53 thousand cases of infection established and at least 163 dead in the last 24 hours. To contribute to the fight against the Coronavirus, Arnold Schwarzenegger gives economic aid and says: “With all the courageous work that the doctors and nurses they are doing, buy a few hundreds of thousands of masks with a million dollars is the least I can do”.

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At the moment the GoFundMe chosen by Schwarzenegger has 3.763.880 dollars and has the objective to get a total of 10 million. All contributions will go to the fund managed by CAF America, a global organization that assists corporations, foundations and individuals to donate funds to charity.

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