School, ok of the Council of Ministers decrees to implement the reform. The news

Published on Apr 08, 2017

New mode for the maturity (2019) and in order to become teachers. The council of ministers has approved the eight implementing decrees of the law 107 (Good school). Measures to reshape the vocational education, provide new resources for the right to study and introduce new models for the education of the range of 0-6 years, for the schools abroad, and for inclusion of pupils with sen. School, ok of the Council of Ministers decrees to implement the reform. News. “You complete and vara definitively the reform of the school. This represents a considerable injection of quality in our school,” said premier Customers. The measures “do further improve the Education system of our Country,” said the Minister, Valeria fedeli, remembering that they “are the fruit of a long process of consultation” and “debate which has served to enhance and enrich the texts”. “It's critical to give our fellow citizens the assurance that the government puts into practice, maintains, develops, the decisions that have characterized the action of these years. We made it today on school, I will do this tomorrow in Milan with the launch of the project House in Italy for a great work of prevention in the Country”, added Gentiloni. Here's what's changing: new maturity in 2019. If the news for the loops below will come into force already in 2018 for the new maturity you have to wait until the 2019: there is a need for more time, in fact, why go to the regime, the alternation school-work, and why they are reformulating the new evidence, after the death of quizzone. The tests Invalsi, who will test also the knowledge of foreign languages, will not be included neither in the examination of the third media or the diploma, but will be mandatory for students. Will increase the weight of the school credit. Resources for nurseries. Amounts to more than 600 million package of resources allocated for the delegation of 0-6 years which is transition from the welfare to the education system and school nurseries, ensuring the Municipalities have the money to manage them. To teach, after graduation the competition. With the new system of initial training and recruitment who aspires to be a teacher in three years will directly enter into the role, and the transitional phase will allow the teachers of the second and third band with 3 years of service to be stabilized. Remains the current ceiling for classes with disabled pupils. In the decree relating to the inclusion of the roof of students per class remains the current one (with a maximum number of 20 pupils per class in the presence of a student with severe disabilities), will streamline the paperwork and guaranteed support teachers, more trained and prepared. Tripled the resources for the right to study. Pass from 10 to 30 million. Will the provision of scholarships in favour of students in the last two years of high school, for the purchase of text-books for mobility and transport, access to goods and services of a cultural nature. Exemption from tuition fees for students of the fourth and fifth Higher (in 2018-2019). Student card is also for those who attend Academies and conservatories. Redesign of vocational education. In the courses of vocational education reaches the 2+3: two years to the single and the three-year period only, thus overcoming the current articulation of the so-called “two old and one”. The addresses go from 6 to 11 and are strengthened by the activities of the laboratory (including the experiences of school-enterprise and workshop-school). Promotion of Made in Italy. Music and dance, theatre and cinema, painting, sculpture, graphics, decorative arts and design, creative writing are some of the arts that will be reinforced in schools. And in the alternation School-Work can be carried out at public and private entities that deal with conservation and artistic production. Italian schools abroad. In the arrival of 50 new teachers in Italian schools over the border that may participate in tenders relating to the national Plan for digital schools. Revised the period of stay outside of the teachers (6+6 with a break in the middle, except for changes of the last hour). (ANSA)

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