Schedules Rai1 2017/2018: the new day-time Bbc1, confirmations, exchanges, and news


Published on Jun 28, 2017


The day of presentation of the schedules in the house of Rai with all the news for the next season of the first channel. What we will see on Bbc1 from September 2017? Today we are talking about day time of Rai1 with all the variations of the schedule for the upcoming season. The programme schedule of Rai 1 will be in full swing from 11th September, 2017 with the return of the most loved by the public. One Morning, the Italian Stories ( change the title, but these are True Stories), Good to know ( with Elisa Isoardi to the place of Time and Money) and The test of the cook.

From 11 September, from Monday to Friday, on Bbc1, the day of the italians begins with UnoMattina, one of the most popular and long-lived of the Tv, made since 1986 thanks to the successful collaboration between Rai1 and Tg1. With a novelty this year, alongside Franco Di Mare, we will be Blessed Rinaldi, a well-known face, and dear to the public at large. They will, from 6.40 to 10, to accompany the viewers with news and links from Italy and the world: focus on news and politics, labour, economy, pensions, medicine, consumption, entertainment. And yet all the news on craft, technology and working with service information, insights, and columns dedicated to our savings, to the young, women, the elderly, culture and social issues. The offer will be completed and integrated by the seven editions of the Tg1.

Lead: Franco Di Mare and Benedetta Rinaldi broadcast from 11 September

The program is entirely dedicated to themes of topical, linked to the main cases, news and issues that ordinary people face every day. In the studio will alternate stories and characters that tell in first person their experiences, supported by the services and the connections made by the sent of the transmission. Studio guests, experts and journalists, who will provide their expertise to clarify the issues addressed in the episode. Eleonora Daniele with his program aims to offer an original point of view and a starting point of reflection for the audience at home. The transmission will also have an appointment on the weekend, “Saturday Italian”.

Leads: Eleonora Daniele broadcast from 11 September to 10.00 on Saturdays from 16 September to 16: 45

A daily nutrition and health, with particular attention to all spending. A container, that puts you at the center of each bet in a product, chosen for its extraordinary capacity of being able to transform into a “natural medication”. A journey into the “planet nutrition”, which provides an opportunity to tell a fruit of the earth, or worked with industrial – of those that we bring to the table every day – understanding every single aspect and telling each more curious property. All with the main goal to explain to the viewers how “health comes with eating”, but, still more, such as going to the market, to the discovery of quality, with an eye always attentive to food safety. A program, conducted by Elisa Isoardi, which is home to languages and various genres, from entertainment to information, with the use of experts in the industry.

Leads: Elisa Isoardi aired from September 11th, from Monday to Friday at 11.00 am

The proof of the cook will be back next September 11: the most famous, the most watched and the longest-running cooking program on Italian television, is ready to leave with the enthusiasm, the passion and the spirit that has always distinguished it. Enlivened this year by a great desire to innovate, to amaze, the proof of The cook will do just a new language, opening up to themes of broader. To lead the show of the noon Bbc1, also for this eighteenth edition, Antonella Clerici, captain of a formidable team of excellence, known faces, friends and members of a large, welcoming and warm family, who, with enthusiasm will open the door to a new graphic and scenographic, a new studio and a ladder used to be. Among the most interesting novelties of this year, the footage with which to tell the Italian gastronomic tradition and the insights on the multiple aspects sociological of our culinary art: from the customs of foreign communities in Italy, ingrained in our fabric, to the history of the ancient dishes and the poor is back in vogue, up to the drinks and cocktails in vogue at this time, passing through the street food, a living expression of the kitchen.

Leads: Antonella Clerici, aired from September 11 to 11.50 am




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