Schedule Channel 5 fall 2019: the dates of the beginning of all programs aired


Published on Jul 09, 2019


The summer makes us “detoxify” from the classic program of the day time as we do from September to June, but the curiosity to know when they will be back on tv is always so much of it! Today we speak of the schedule of Channel 5 with all the dates of the beginning of the most loved and followed: by the Morning, Five Men and Women, through Sunday, Live and Forum. When you restart all the programs that we will be able to follow in the day time and in the early evening by Channel 5? For you a detailed calendar with all the dates of programs broadcast by early September.

The television season with the schedule of Channel 5 for the fall of 2019 starts in September but we're already ready to keep track of the coins of all dates.

Morning Five, as announced by Federica Panicucci, and Francesco Vecchi in the last episode of the season, it always comes back with them at the helm, from the 9th of September 2019.

Also the Forum, always entrusted with the conduction of Barbara Palombelli, is back with new episodes on September 9, 2019.

Unlike the Morning Five the program by Barbara d'urso may anticipate coming back in wave 2 September 2019 but it is not yet certain. We will keep you updated.

The longer the expectation of the public that follows with passion Men and Women. The program of Maria de Filippi back on the air September 16, 2019.

Part later also Strip the news, as usual: you go on air from September 23, 2019.

The first episode of "True" for the next season, with Silvia University always at the helm, will be aired on the 14th of September 2019.

According to the latest news the nineteenth edition should start at the end of November, the start date could be 16.

Difficult to understand what will be the fate of Sunday Live since Barbara d'urso Sunday, September will be aired in the early evening. Not yet dissolved the doubt: will she or not she will manage Sunday Live? We'll see...

We spend the first evening.

Here's how it should be the weekly programming of Channel 5 in September:

Monday – Friends in the VIP, Big Brother VIP

Tuesday – The process,

Wednesday– Temptation Island VIP;

Thursday – Eurogames;

Friday – Rosy Abate, Made in Italy, The island of Peter 3;

Saturday – Tu si que vales;

Sunday – Live is not the d'urso.

In the case of the first time we don't have the dates but we will keep you updated.

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