Save Mars! fun game for the iPhone created by Fulvio Scichilone, a student of the Course iOS is Based on Objective Code


Published on Feb 08, 2016


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Those who participate in the Course iOS Based on Swift of Objective-Tails, a leader in the training of programmers, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and OSX in Italy, gets results in a concrete and publishes their works on the App Store. To prove it are the over 500 Apps developed and published on the App Store by the alumni, and the numerous interviews of people met, including the well-known comic Gianni Fantoni.

Today we will talk about Fulvio Scichilone that after the Course the iOS-Based Objective Code has created numerous Apps, and today presents to us his new game. Save Mars!

Is an action game, keep your eyes open and get ready to burst all over. Destroy all the asteroids and rockets that will attack you and save Mars. There are three main modes, in the mode “Pro” tap and destroy as fast as you can, and in the mode “Relaxation” you can play with more calm to blow up everything and in the Special mode “Crazy Rockets” you defend Mars from a fast-paced rocket attack very fast. Hold on as best you can and get your score to the stars. The rules are simple: destroy with a touch asteroids blue, do not touch the red ones, touch 2 times the rockets to make them explode before they reach mars. The game quickly accelerates and will really put your skills to the test . The soundtrack and all the sound effects are designed to make the perfect gaming experience. Save Mars! it is a game of “one-touch”, to be able to play anywhere. Challenge players from all over the world and beat all the Records!

Marcello Catelli, developer, teacher, and creator of the courses, Objective Code, and commented: “Great job Fulvio. Excellent graphics and the gameplay. Ingenious, the model is the business that sustains the project. Very good! Council to any technology enthusiast to become part of our big family and start earning money with the App Store.”

The new programming language Swift 2.1 simplifies and accelerates further the development of an App for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, now more than ever, anyone is able to learn, if you have the passion and the basics of how a computer works.

No book and no other course will leave you in the hand 55 projects in Xcode to use as examples of all the basic operations and well-1.4 Gb projects and external libraries useful for implementing functions of the intermediate level. But above all, no one allows you to ridarlo once it's free, in case something is not clear, and no one gives you support after the course. Only Objective Code offers you this opportunity. Then what are you waiting for try it yourself, sign up for the Course iOS Based.

Do you want to know what will you do in this course? Download one of the 4 Apps that will be made during the 4 days of the course.
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The following are the dates of January and February, if interested should hurry up, because with these results, and the demand for places is very high, in fact, January is all sold out, as well as the date of Rome in February:

Course iOS 9 Base – Turin 09 / 12 February – sold-out

Course iOS 9 Base) – Florence, 16-19 February
4 days, 32 Hours – 599 € including Vat

Course iOS 9 Base – Rome 23 / February 26 – sold-out

Course iOS 9 Base – Padova 05 / 08 April
4 days, 32 Hours – 599 € including Vat

Course iOS 9 Base – Milan 12 / 15 April
4 days, 32 Hours – 599 € including Vat

Course iOS 9 Base – Bologna 19 / 22 April
4 days, 32 Hours – 599 € including Vat

Course iOS 9 Base – Torino 03 / 06 May
4 days, 32 Hours – 599 € including Vat

Course iOS 9 Base – Rome 17 / May 20
4 days, 32 Hours – 599 € including Vat

The Course iOS 9 the Basis of the Objective Code is the best because it is the only one to offer you:

4-day course, 8 hours per day (32 hour class) a course updated to iOS 9.2, watchOS 2, tvOS, and Xcode 7.1 the source code of the 55 projects Xcode-rich comments and explanations of the code 1.4 Gb of libraries and projects of the intermediate level 12 books in pdf A code to purchase the App QuartzCode to € 45 (instead of € 99) the inclusion in the support group on Facebook “the Italian iOS Developers” (reserved only for students) a shared folder of DropBox to always have the updated code the opportunity to redo the course free of charge once the course is based on hands-on tutorials that teach you really how to develop an App the support post course (that is, the personal contact of the teacher) launch on the main Italian blogs App developed after the course

All of this to the 599 € including Vat.

The Course iOS 9 Base is suitable for all, even to those who have never programmed before, you can begin the journey that can lead you to become an iOS developer and publish your Apps on the App Store develop Apps for third parties and/or to find work at a studio. In addition, the Objective Code is the only school iOS of Italy which boasts a student arrived at the first place in the standings in the Top Paid App for the iPhone, this is Fulvio Scichilone with the App Reflex Camera.

For information, the course programme and membership of one of the above dates, visit:

For any question about contact [email protected]




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