Savage Dragon: the details of the edition Cosmos


Published on May 04, 2019


After nearly seven years, from next July, therefore, we can relive the adventures of the Savage Dragon, and now we also know with that mode.

As reported by the blog of Antani Comics it seems, in fact, that:

“the format will be that adopted generally for many of the US series in Italy, with volumes that contain six album: exception to the first unpublished (29), which will retrieve the number 161, “recap”, left unpublished by the publisher of BD, and the first of its kind, that will contain the Baptism of Fire and the first cycle of the regular series.

At the moment there will be approximately forty volumes (as of today), alternating reprints and unpublished: in July, we will have, therefore, the vol. 1 (with the first mini and the first episodes (“regular”) and vol. 29, with the recovery of the unpublished (160 and up).

Between August and December will come out well-the other four books of reprints, and six previously unreleased tracks. It seems then that the Cosmos will also publish the books left unpublished by BD and also the spin-off, approaching in a short time as possible to the production in the USA.”

We await official confirmation from the part of the Editorial Universe.

Savage Dragon: the details of the edition, the Cosmos is




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