Satoshi Shiki, break for his manga Dororo and Bakuen


Published on Apr 13, 2020


Through Twitter, Satoshi Shiki, the author known for the manga Attack of The Giants – Before the Fall (it is published by Planet Manga in Italy), has announced that its manga is currently in progress — Bakuen and Dororo to Hyakkimaru-den — stop for a month because of the emergency coronavirus.

In particular, the mangaka has explained that, to maintain the measures of material and social, the staff working on the manga you are looking for a work from home instead of in studio; during this period of transition, therefore, the serialization will stop.

The shooting is scheduled for May.

Dororo to Hyakkimaru-den, a remake of Dororo of the master Osamu Tezuka published by Goen in Italy, is in the course of 2018 on the magazine Champion Red Akita Shoten (in three volumes at the moment).

In Italy will be published by Planet Manga:

A life of sacrifice even before he came to the world in the name of lust for power of a greedy parent. A body torn apart by demons, a scrap abandoned as soon as he saw the light. The way Hyakkimaru is a struggle without truce, to reclaim what has been taken away, a journey of rebirth path in the company of petty thief Dororo.

Bakuen, designed by the scriptwriter Tatsuhiko Ida, with whom He has collaborated in the past on the XBlade and XBlade Cross (views in Italy, thanks to GP and Goen), debuted on the 26th of February 2020's Monthly Shōnen Sirius Kodansha.

It is set in a world where daily life is suddenly crumbled: a lonely man falls from the empty sky, in front of a girl who is just waiting for death in that world in ruins.

Satoshi Shiki, break for his manga Dororo and Bakuen is




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