Sarri, unfortunately for him, the law Bukowski

Published on Jan 20, 2016

Thirty years ago, following the complaint of a reader, the staff of the Library in Nijmegen decided to remove from the shelves “Stories of ordinary madness” because it is considered “sadistic, sometimes fascist and discriminatory against certain groups, such as homosexuals. Charles Bukowski, the author, responded by sending a letter to the Dutch journalist Hans van den Broeck: “The thing that I am afraid to discriminate – here's a step – are the humor and the truth. If I write about the evil of blacks, homosexuals, and women is due to how they were the ones that I have met. There are many “bad examples” in lap – dogs, the bad, censorship is bad, even “evil” white males. Only that when you write “bad” white males no one complains. Perhaps I have to write that we are black, “good”, gay, “good” women and “good”? In my work as a writer, I limit myself to taking pictures in words what I see. If I write of “sadism” it is because it exists, not I invented it, and if I speak of some action is a terrible thing because these things happen really. It does not mean that they are the side of evil, if such a thing as evil exists. When I write I don't always agree with what happens, and I'm going to poke in the mud just for the fun of it”.

Could I get by remembering that Himself, for his recent admission, the law (fortunately or unfortunately) Bukowski and Fante; moreover, is one of those tuscan that sometimes do not know how to hold his tongue (you relapsed in the past said that football “is not a sport for fags”). I could, but I do not.

Sarri the wise man, the teacher, the sensitive has made a mistake, but it has already paid for with the embarrassment rightly shown in front of the cameras and with the revealing of the international, probably the sports judge will punish him with a day to be served in the next coppa Italia because they give the faggot to someone is the equivalent of him be damned (it seems a joke of bad taste but it's not).

Sarri was wrong because just as it is true that the things of the field should remain inside the field, it is equally true that coaches, especially those of the Series A, the big stage, football in the light, have responsibilities greater than those of the players.

Give the faggot to someone is not in and of itself an offense, it also establishes the Supreme court; it becomes so when the term is deliberately used to insult the next – we must not forget that the news frequently reports news of the suicides of young homosexuals who do not stand up to the insults of their peers.

I am disappointed, yes, disappointed especially for the man Himself, my age (you never learn) that by yesterday evening, however, grew a little more.

And Mancini? Maybe she could tenersela for himself: but we are not the ones who invoke repeatedly the public denunciation condemning every kind of silence in the name of cultural growth and the improvement of the world-system?

I close the issue with the tweet of Tommaso Cerno, brilliant director of the Messaggero Veneto, that just yesterday, “The Air that pulls the” he was out like this: “I Am tall, handsome, blond, and a homosexual.” “The good side of Sarri-left-handed?” – he wrote – “That once they gave you the fag to say he is superior to you, you are now fag when you win...”.


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