Sara Affi Fella, strange signals: the fans are worried for his health

Published on Oct 17, 2018

The health of Sara at risk?

Sara Affi Fella was spotted in a shopping centre in the campania while she was busy shopping. Fans have approached them with questions about the scandal which is still the protagonist. One of them wanted to publish on Instagram a picture of her, and many of the users social have noticed that it has lost pounds. Actually he is not having a great time.

He admitted he was wrong, but ultimately did not hurt anyone. For this reason, does not want to receive additional and excessive insults. The mother has not hidden the concern for the mental and physical health of the daughter, which in short will have a way to defend themselves from the accusations made dalle'ex Nicola Panic.

Although it was still a fiancée, Nicola, Sara has decided to undertake the same on his path to Men&Women. He lied to the staff, to Maria De Filippi and her suitors in order to have more followers, and to sign contracts with various sponsors.

In a few words, was not in search of a soul mate, but also the economic profit. Nicola has never revealed its real intentions to love, but then he changed his mind when Sara announced her relationship with Vittorio Parisians. For now, the directly concerned has not expressed an opinion on what happened, but reported that he will, according to his lawyer.

In an interview, Nicola explained that you would propose as a suitor and then go away from the tv studio with her. You are not presented because they did not want to give birth to suspicions. Once you have finished this television experience, would have celebrated the marriage. In the end, she is engaged with another, so he decided to “take revenge” before turning the page.

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