Sara Affi Fella: Nicola Panic throws them a message? The photos on Instagram that ago discuss

Published on Oct 11, 2018

After the chaos that broke out on Sara Affi Fella, Nicola Panic throws a dig at his ex. Here's what he said. Sara Affi Fella: the scandal that has engulfed Men and Women

Are the past few weeks by the scandal that has engulfed Men and Women, the daily program of Maria De Filippi. In the last season a tronista, the young Sara Affi Fella, he deceived all, the editing and the suitors.

While he was on the throne and he did flirt with more guys to choose her boyfriend, in fact he was still engaged to Nicola Panic. The latter has lived at his home for the duration of the throne, and has accepted the adventure on television Sara Affi Fella are that allow you to earn money with the followers.

It was just Nicola Panic, however, to confess the deception. Sara, in fact, left to get with an a Series player, player of Torino, Vittorio Parigini. At this point, Nicola has gone from the drafting of Men and Women and she talked about telling you all.

The girl had promised to marry him, and to call their child like the father in him, but in reality this was all an act. Nicola has decided to move away and not want to know.

Despite the end of all this history, it seems that Nicola Panic still has something to say. He recently posted pictures on Instagram with his football team with the words: “A hut where you ride is better than a hut where you crying“. Most times the guy had told him that Sara was crying with him every night while he was on the throne. But what will wanted to say, exactly?

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