Sara Affi Fella: Nicola Panic reveals other details about your ex-girlfriend

Published on Oct 24, 2018

New details emerged about the history of Sara Affi Fella and his deception to the preparation of Men and Women. Her ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Panic, he spoke through the weekly Chi. Men and Women, Sara Affi Fella still at the centre of the controversy

Sara Affi Fella is still talking about him despite being gone from the scene already by quite a bit. The girl is over in a storm in the media and social networks have taken the path from tronista of Men and Women while maintaining her relationship with Nicholas Panic, promising that everything was done by the script only for the money and that the two could get married soon. Everything came to the surface thanks to Nicola who, feeling made fun of, told her the truth.

In a long interview in the weekly magazine Chi, Nicola Panic has spoken once again of his ex-girlfriend:

She was a simple girl, educated, respectful, full of values. Then the fame if it is eaten.

Nicola has revealed that, after having made the video presentation for the tronista, Sara Affi Fella called him and asked him how to get out of it together, confirming his intention of marrying him. The couple had also chosen the Church and location. But then Nicholas has discovered that Sara betrayed him with another player.

The player of Turin, Vittorio Parigini enters into the life of Sara in August. According To Nicola:

She continued to tell me lies, but I have discovered all through a person. In spite of this she told me that Paris was with a friend of hers. In any case, I called Paris and told him everything.

It seems that even Vittorio Parigini has been deceived by Sara Affi Fella. Today the girl did not speak with anyone except through his lawyers, he changed his number and those that have seen it have spoken of a girl lost and squandered, but also very presumptuous and irritating.

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