Sara Affi Fella is back on Instagram: the photo with the friend

Published on Oct 07, 2018

Sara Affi Fella is back indirectly on the social after the storm in the media that has involved. Here's what happened. Sara Affi Fella: the scandal of Men and Women

Sara Affi Fella embarked on the path of tronista of Men and Women, but has fooled everyone. He made fun of her suitors and the preparation of the program, as betrothed, with Nicola Panic.

Are several weeks now and on TV and on social many loyal of the program of Maria De Filippi, you are hurling it against her. So bring the sponsor and its agency to take distance from her, as well as a large number of his followers.

Nicola Panic has decided to go in the study of Men and Women to apologize to everyone personally and to tell the whole truth about Sara. He has confessed to having almost lived at the home of Sara for the duration of the throne.

The girl could be an actress inside a program totally fake. Was forced by the editors to kiss the guys and he did all this to be able to earn the necessary money to be able to create a family with him.

Here are some statements of Nicola Panic:

He said that even the guys that courted were actors. She had to choose to force Luigi, because it to the public. Had to do the covers, she had to sign the contracts with the various sponsors and then everything would be finished. I said that we would get married and that our child would have the name of my father. It's a pity that all this had also a different story with a player of serie A.

As reported by GossipeTv, a friend of Sara Affi Fella has posted a picture on Instagram in which you see the tronista resting on his shoulder. In the background the song Alessandra Amoroso “By your side”. (Continued after photo)

This is the rehearsal for the official return of Sara Affi Fella on the social?

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