Sara Affi Fella gate: battle for the social Nicola Panic and Peter Presents

Published on Oct 20, 2018

Not to mention to subside the controversy related to Sara Affi Fella. Protagonists to fight social are now Nicola Panic and Peter Presents. Insults and threats between the two. Sara Affi Fella gate: the controversy subside

You are still off the criticisms and accusations against Sara Affi Fella. The girl is guilty of having deceived the preparation of Men and Women, going on the throne although he was engaged to Nicola Panic. Sara has convinced the boyfriend to take this path in order to gain followers and money through sponsors.

Sentitosi betrayed and deceived, when Sara left him for another, Nicola Panic has decided to introduce in the study of Men and Women confess every thing. On the question recently spoke Peter also Presents boyfriend of the former tronista Rose Perrotta, who has criticized the behavior of Nicholas.

Nicola just went down the comment of Presents and started to send private messages for a comparison. Peter, however, has published the screenshots of the chat. The former Sara Affi Fella wrote:

“I heard what you said, if you do not want to resolve it in court to resolve how you want, where you want, when you want to“

and has written to his home address for a face-to-face. Despite the threatening tone, Peter replied publicly saying we have nothing to clarify, but you have expressed just an opinion. According to him, one that allows the sweetheart to do a certain type of path, and kissing other guys is not a man. Finally, he said via a video:

Nicola you have made a figure of a m***in the world, if I were you I would lay low. If you want to see in a place well hidden so you will not see nobody.

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