Sanremo Young, the deleted and the complete ranking for the second night (Photos)


Published on Feb 23, 2019


The second evening of the Sanremo Young ended with two contestants eliminated, and the ranking result of the votes of the jury and of the public at home (photos). Televoting and the Academy is not traveling on the same tracks, the audience in fact has not awarded the best letting go via Luigi Cascio and Clara Palmieri; two of them are the deleted for the second night. Louis yesterday evening, he performed a duet with Bianca Atzei, Clara with the sanremo music festival; the first with an energy that we wanted to review still on the stage, Clara Palmieri with a voice that is not necessary to forget and that certainly did not deserve the elimination. Immediately after the performances the last four places in the ranking of the Sanremo Young gave to risk deleting Luigi Cascio, Kimono, Eden and Clara Palmieri. The Academy surprised as the audience by the house had voted on changing their ranking has not been able to do is assist. The regulation provides that the director of an orchestra to give its preference to only one of the guys in the race, for the master, Clara during the week of practice was the best, but it was not enough to save it. It happened to Luke and Paul, the task worse, to permanently delete two of the four at risk.

The duo had no doubts and saved immediately on a Kimono for her unique voice, perhaps not all were in agreement. Long wait to discover that for luigi Cascio Sanremo Young ended the second evening. Between Eden and Clara Palmieri, the choice was difficult, Luke, and Paul have chosen Eden and also to remember the first episode, and that John Travolta was thrilled by his voice.

Really hard to choose but the two guests of Antonella Clerici have also pointed out that the public has been wrong, that the ranking right was that of the jury, that some of the competitors that had passed the turn, in reality they do not deserve it. The showdown is the worst time for those who must choose, and for those who are at risk elimination but it is also the right way to close each episode of a talent show that airs in prime time on Rai 1. The complete ranking for the second night before the showdown.

1. Giovanna Camastra

2. Giuseppe Ciccarese

3. Beatrice Zoco

4. Tecla Insolia

5. Anthony Vaglica

6. Maxi Urban

7. Luigi Cascio

8. Kimono

9. Eden

10. Clara Palmeri

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