Sanremo 2020 the toto names: Big and less Big in your chosen Amadeus, ready to the Festival


Published on Dec 18, 2019


This morning there was a press conference on the eve of the great night dedicated to the Sanremo Giovani. And Amadeus has given a few tips on what will be the next edition of the Festival, but no indiscretion. A novelty, however, concerns the number of singers in the race, and then of the songs. There will be 22 and not 24 the Big race that will compete for the conquest of the trophy with the title of winner of Sanremo 2020. Maximum confidentiality on the names, but apparently there is one certainty: the choices have been made.

The list of Big in the race for the Sanremo 2020 is closed, and the artists that were chosen to know it already even if at the time will not be able to spread the news. It will be indeed as expected, the same Amadeus to proclaim, on January 6, 2020 live on Rai 1, the names of the Big race. For the time being then, according to the comments on the social, we can only imagine who are the big excluded, as, for example, Lisa, the winner of the first edition of Now or never that in the past few days had polemizzato not explicitly, inferring that in the end, Amadeus had not choice, despite having said in the past, that the winners of that programme would have deserved a chance on the stage of the Ariston...

As you can imagine, however, the names, or rather the whole name, is the order of the day. So the rumors and the rumors follow each other, one behind the other.

There are still certainties, again, but some names seem to be in pole position. Among these would be the ones of Alberto Urso, the last winner of Friends. Always by the talent of Channel 5 should arrive Elodie, Giordana Angi, and also a unexpected Riky. Remaining in the environment for talent, there should also be Anastasio, winner of the second edition 2018 of X-Factor. A mix between X-Factor and Friends is Enrico Nigiotti that after the beautiful song of last year, returns with the hope to do even better.

Among the other names instead of big very well-known, there are those of Marco Masini, who coronerebbe with this participation in the Festival of his 30-year career. And yet a return, to Irene Grandi. A band in the race: The Vibrations. We have recently seen on RaiPlay alongside Fiorello: Levante could be one of the names of this Festival. And among the other artists in the race, the Achille Lauro, also saw him by Fiorello. This year, however, you should not make the controversy around the young singer last year you talked a lot about ( and in our humble opinion was one of the singers in revelation of the Festival of Baglioni). Instead they may focus on the Elettra Lamborghini the spotlight. We have seen already in the Rai, the coach of a musical talent show, why not also on the stage of Sanremo 2020?

After the great success with Occidentali's Karma, Francesco Gabbani could come back to Sanremo to drop the hat-trick ( he won Sanremo giovani), then san remo, and now should do the tris). If these were the names, there would be no names in the SENSATIONAL, or the artists that come on stage from “unknown” to most people as has happened in the past editions, on the contrary.

With regard to Al Bano instead, his name had circulated these days, but it seems that the singer of Cellino, along with Romina Power, will be the protagonist, but as a guest.

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