Sanremo 2019 the lyrics, Simon Webbe sings Take care of Me " (full text)


Published on Feb 04, 2019


Just a few hours at the stroke of 5 February: the day will start with great fanfare to the Sanremo Festival in 2019; in the event that as ever this year, will try to embrace many genres of music, from current to classics, all cared for by the artistic direction of Claudio Baglioni. And, not surprisingly, saw that among the artists competing in this edition, number 69 there is also Simon Webbe, the famous Italian singer-songwriter from the thick foliage, that already in 2007 he won the festival ligure with the touching song, I'll give You a rose. This year, at Sanremo in 2019, is back in the race with a new song, Take care of me.

Take care of me: what is it about the song Simone Cristicchi?

The lyrics of the song Take care of me is really very poetic. Actually do not tell a real story, with characters or a story that evolves: the whole thing is almost a sort of prayer to humanity.

Simon Webbe take you to Sanremo 2019 a mix of feelings, hints and tips from spreading to the sound of the notes and that they do no more than evoke emotions: “nothing is bigger than the small things”, “there is not another day that is the same as yesterday [...] so live it as if it were the last”, but also “seek not happiness, rather safe”.

Without any doubt the singer leads in the race, a song perfectly in his ropes, Take care of me is a project and intimate with a clear social message; the same message that the artist brings around the world with his plays, his books and his music.

The same title, Take care of me, is a game of words voted to take on the break the listener that note at first glance the difference from the more well-known way of saying “take care of yourself”.

Now close gently your eyes and take care to listen
Are only four chords and a handful of words
More pearls of wisdom from the stones of the mine
I dug to the bottom of bare hands in a whole life
Do not look for meaning in everything because everything has meaning
Even in a grain of wheat and hides the universe
Because nature is a book of mysterious words
Where nothing is bigger than the little things
It is the flower between the asphalt and the spectacle of the firmament
Is the orchestra of the leaves which vibrate in the wind
It is the burning wood that heats up and returns to ash
Life is the only miracle to which you would not believe
Because everything is a miracle in everything you see
And there is no other day that is like yesterday
You then live it now as if it were the last
And the value of every single moment
Imagine if you started to fly
Between the mountains and the sea
Tell me where would you go
Hold me if I have a fear of falling
That we are in balance
On the word together
Take care of me
Take care of me

The time changes you on the outside, the love changes you on the inside
Just get to the side instead of staying in the middle
Love is the only way, is the only engine
It is the divine spark that you treasure in the heart
You do not look for happiness, if anything, safe
It is only the light that shines on the other side of a tear
Is a handful of seeds that leave behind
As the chrysalises to become butterflies

Everyone fights their own battle
You surrender everything, do not judge those who are wrong
Forgive those you have hurt, abbraccialo now
Because the greater challenge is to forgive himself
Cross your pain arrivaci up at the bottom
Even if it will be as heavy as lifting up the world
And you'll notice that the tunnel is only a bridge
And you just need a step to go over
Imagine if you started to fly
Between the mountains and the sea
Tell me where would you go
Hold me if you have a fear of falling
That in spite of everything
We are still together
Take care of me any way you choose, love
Take care of me
Take care of me

That everything is so fragile
Now open your eyes slowly and stay close to me
Why trembles the voice as if it were a child
But until the last day that I can breathe
You hold me strong and not let me go
Take care of me

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