Sanremo 2019 the first installment, February 5: the setlist, the performances and the guests of the evening


Published on Feb 05, 2019


The countdown is over: today begins the he is now on 69 edition of the Sanremo Festival and is truly ready for this first evening is eagerly awaited. For the second consecutive year will be Claudio Baglioni to direct the Festival. Unlike last year, the eve of the festival, was not the most serene. The controversy, brought forward by some journalists and the news Strip, are not missed. Conflict of interest aside, the Baglioni is ready for his second Sanremo and hopes that the music and harmony may reign supreme! It starts today, 5 February 2019, with the first evening of the Sanremo Festival . A bet rich and long, will perform in fact, the 24 artists in the race and we will hear for the first time, all the tracks chosen by the Baglioni for this he is now on 69 edition of the Festival. The artistic director has promised a very high level for what concerns the pieces chosen for this edition of the Festival, and we trust us! There only remains to discover all the news about this bet with the advances that reveal to us the names of the guests of the first evening ( we will give you other updates after the press conference today), the performances and of course the long-awaited lineup.

To accompany Claudio Baglioni, in his second time at the Festival of Sanremo, Claudio Bisio and Virginia Raffaele. The comedian has promised to be very quiet in its operations and leave the bad language that often use by. Virginia, instead, did not want to give advances on its role, but it seems it does not interpret any character.

There only remains to find out everything there is to know about this first night of the Festival, a lot of waiting.

Here are the singers in the race, at the moment, in alphabetical order. The lineup will be revealed later.

Achille Lauro with Rolls Royce;

Anna Tatangelo with our souls in the night.

Arisa with I feel good;

BoomDaBash with For a million;

Daniele Silvestri with Argento vivo;

Einar with new Words;

Enrico Nigiotti with Grandpa Hollywood;

Ex-Otago with Only a song;

Federica and Paper Shade with Without doing it on purpose;

Francesco Renga-like Appearance that lathes;

Ghemon with Rose and violet;

The Flight, with Music that remains;

Irama with The girl with the heart of tin;

Loredana Bertè with What you expect from me;

Mahmood with Money;

Motta with the Where is Italy;

Negrita with The kids are all right;

Nek with Me I will find you ready;

Nino D Angelo and Livio Cori with another light;

Paola Turci with The last obstacle;

Patty Pravo with Brig with A little bit like life;

Simone Cristicchi with Take care of me;

Last with your particular;

The Zen Circus with love is a dictatorship.

The lineup for the first night of the Festival of Sanremo 2019 is not yet available, later we will reveal the order of output of the 24 artists on the stage of the Ariston

These days it is talked about a lot of the guests of the Festival of Sanremo with a controversy connected to the fact that there were foreign artists. The director of Rai 1 Teresa de Santis explained that the Italian artists on the stage of this edition of the Festival are considered to be international artists seen that there are names of the likes of Andrea Bocelli. The singer and her son will be the guests of this first episode of the Festival. As revealed by Claudio Baglioni in the course of the press conference, Andrea Bocelli will sing with him the song Il mare calmo della sera.

Not only music with Andrea Bocelli, today on the stage of Sanremo, another great Italian artist: Giorgia.

Back after the roaring adventure of the last edition, this evening on the stage of the Ariston also Michelle Hunziker and Pierfrancesco Favino. And again, to stay in the theme of cinema and the great faces of the big screen in Italy, will be in Sanremo, Claudio Santamaria.

Through the four systems of voting, the Televoting (from fixed telephony
and mobile telephony), the jury and Poll the jury at the
Print room and of the jury of Honour will gradually
in the five Evenings, to define the list of that will the
winning song of Sanremo. In the first three evenings will vote for the public, through Televoting, the jury and Poll the jury in the Press Room.

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