Sanremo 2019 texts, Zen Circus sing Love is a dictatorship (full text)


Published on Feb 05, 2019


Really miss a few hours at the real start of the Festival of Sanremo, 2019; the festival than ever this year will bring on the same stage a variety of musical genres, from the most current to the classics, all cared for by the artistic direction of Claudio Baglioni. And, not surprisingly, among the artists competing in this edition, number 69, there are also the Zen Circus: indie band, just in the last two years has become well-known on the web as well as live . Arriving for the first time in Sanremo 2019 with a new song of Love is a dictatorship.

Try to describe the text of song Love is a dictatorship of the Zen Circus is quite articulated. What is certain, is that the artists sing of love but not in the sense to which we are accustomed (that is, between two "lovers"), but describing and esternando the concept in the broadest way.

To Tv Smiles and Songs, the Zen Circus said: “let us Sing to the love. Not romantic love, but that of the community, that we face to chest, in a passage on the majestic, where the orchestra is crucial, the instruments that enter in crescendo“.

Love is a dictatorship is a sort of ode to the education, the good manners and mutual respect; all of this compared to what happens in today's society, which unfortunately often leads us to experience the exact opposite.

Will the band pisana to ensure the transmission of this message on the stage of the Ariston Theatre? Below, the full text of The Love is a dictatorship.

We were swimming in the high waters up to the knees
And bow our heads to the mosquitoes pregandole not to mix
Our blood with that of the mice that have arrived in mass with the tides
The ports open, ports closed, and smiles to strangers
That look at us astonished as we kiss,
Man-to-man, hand-in-hand
Cigarette the says it takes perhaps a whole life
Or a song not certain of this,
Other teachers, other parents
That does not throw the blame of who you are, what you want
What were you
Existence is just a moment
Those who live in time and die happy
And yes, we have seen count the stones of this desert
Patience, losing time with the sky, make it work
Paid to imagine something that you can't photograph
Let me explain better, without hiding behind bullshit
Written for the case in this arena of horror
Here's the stone, here's the sin,
A dog is a shepherd does it for love,
Not for money, not for spite,
Not for the wool, there is the flock
Nor to the law
We are antennas, tv sets
We make stories that make noise
Let the woman's life or man's death
Roads, interrupted, eternal smiles, children, blood of our work
We do not resemble, sons of the whole world
And lose the monotony when everything was in its place
The mice hunted, defeated, monsters under the bed
And let it fly away that embrace known
Who in the name of your own good has destroyed your past
When you arrive you go to the other
You know that's not good but you like it on your own
Like they do in those countries we can't pronounce
But we like to tame with words
I was present at the time of the facts
The fact there is no
Put it to the acts
But you're not afraid of no one
If you do not of your stature
You have democracy inside the heart
But love is a dictatorship
Made of imperatives that are categorical
But no execution
While the anarchy you find in every emotion
You stay close to me, indeed far enough
To look the face from the room of my eyes
Open or closed, it does not matter
Are eyes then, however, an open door
The time goes by the feel of this watch
While working in a bar, a press or in an office and...
And hope still that someone is out there waiting for you,
Not to ask you for money, even to rob you,
Not to sell drugs and blow the place to work
But for urlarti in the face, that you're the only one, you're the only
You're the only one, you're the only

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