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Published on Jan 30, 2019


There are only a few days at the stroke of 5 February, the day that will kick off the Festival of Sanremo, 2019; one event, which, this year, as never embrace so many different genres of music, all edited by the artistic direction of Claudio Baglioni. And precisely in this regard, one of the artists in the race between the big there is this edition number 69 there is also Daniele Silvestri: a myth of Italian music that was brought to success thanks to the Festival ligure with the fun song “go up”, that unfortunately, that year didn't win but became a hit for the national. In 2019, however, the singer is back in the competition with a new song of Live Silver.

Live silver: what is it about the song Daniele Silvestri?

The text of the Argento Vivo is particularly raw: the story tells of a young boy of only sixteen years, but from the soul and very mature. Feels to live in a kind of prison; a kind of golden cage that society has built around him. Many of the references made in the song are clearly referring to the fact that the company is increasingly linked to smartphones and virtual relationships and, therefore, in retaliation, has lost the pleasure of experiencing feelings, and pleasures of life in a more concrete and real.

Therefore, the protagonist of the Argento Vivo " you almost feel like a prisoner almost ever since he was in his mother's womb because the sad fate that would have happened was “out there” waiting for him.

Below, the full text of the Argento Vivo " of Daniele Silvestri.

I have sixteen years
But it's already been more than ten
That I live in a prison
No crime committed there
I was sentenced well before the birth of
Forced to remain seated for hours
Motionless and silent for hours
I live silver
The lord
That I was alive
And in here you will die.
This prison corrects and
Prepare a life
That no longer exists from
At least twenty years
Sometimes I think I get it over with
And sometimes I think that I should take my revenge
However, on the evening I refer to the house
You know
Because I can, my thoughts go back to all my loved ones
As if house were a cage and she
And the family were not home
I was sixteen, but it's already been more than ten
That I live in a prison
No crime committed there
I was sentenced well before the birth of
And time goes to the side but
Do not look at it even
And I keep myself sedated for
Not hearing any
I hold the music to the maximum
And flight
That with the music to the maximum
I am only
And I always repeat that I need me to do
Because in the end it comes out and I don't know where to go
But they don't understand a fuck, no
I'm not there I recognize
And I don't want them to imitate
You have taken a child who
It was never stopped
You have
In front of a screen
And now you wonder if this is normal
If the only world that I appreciate
It is a world
I was alive
I so agitated, so wrong
With so little attention
But you cared for me
And now
It remains for me only the grudge
I have sixteen years
But it is already more than ten
I stopped believing
That there is still something there
And you let me lose
So easy to explain
How to swim in the sea
But it is a lie, can not learn
To cross
What I will be
In the head-turning thoughts
That I will not turn off
It is not a screen
Do not interact if you touch them
In the pocket a device
The mirror of this hell
Where to travel, where I live, where I eat
With the eyes
Flowers and doodles in a notebook
A backpack as the ball
A classroom as a cell
Will sound as a reminder
Paternal my name in the appeal
And as a maternal voice of the
The bell will sound
It's a world born from the art
For this artificial
In the background is a world
Perhaps for this virtual
It is not a species to make it
And they say
That is so moving
A mental fact
I do not mentivo
That I thanked to all my
At every junction, at every shiver
Of nature
I was silver I live in
This vampire world
Liquid mercury, if you read the
I, sixteen years old, but already
More than ten I live in a
And there is a misunderstanding in the
And pretend there is a cure
A medication but tailored
And speak speak speak
As my father explains to me
Why is it important to study
While my mother is drowning
In his own words
I hold the music to the maximum
But they don't understand a fuck, no
And then
I'll tell you a trick for
Treat the whole world
Like a child distracted
With a child distracted
It is normal
It is easier to turn off
That search for a contact
I was alive
The lord
I so agitated
So wrong
To continue to pay on
An exemplary way
Something that I don't remember
Have never done
I have sixteen years
I'm sixteen and I live in a prison
If there is a crime committed there
Was to be born

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