Sanremo 2019 second evening of 6 February 2019: setlist, performances and guests


Published on Feb 06, 2019


After breaking the ice is back live this evening from the stage of the Ariston theatre for the second episode of the Sanremo Festival, 2019. Unlike what happened yesterday, on the second evening of Sanremo 2019, we will hear only 12 of the Big race, with their 12 songs. It will then be an evening dedicated to the listening of these songs, but also to show, that hopefully this evening may arrive after the disaster of the first episode. We have already said in our review dedicated to the first night of the Festival, the spectacle, the music aside, it was disastrous. We will see what will happen on the evening of 6 February 2019 plenty of guests and performances.

There only remains to find out who will be the guests of the episode airing today on Rai 1, which will be the singers in the race this evening and the latest news from Sanremo.


The race provides, this evening, the exhibition of twelve of the twenty-four singers in the race. To rate the songs, as earlier in the evening, the televoting (which will have a weight of 40%), the jury poll (30%) and the press Room (30%). READ HERE THE PROVISIONAL RANKING

And so here's everything we know up to this moment on the second evening of the Festival.

In the second installment of the Festival, there will be more space to devote to the guests. The latest news: the Ariston theatre in sanremo there will be Fiorella Mannoia, Marco Mengoni (to celebrate the ten years of his career), Riccardo Cocciante with Giò Di Tonno (who will perform a song of “Notre Dame de Paris”), Michelle Hunziker (who will make the handover as done yesterday by Pierfrancesco Favino), Pio and Amedeo, Laura Chiatti and Michele Riondino (to present the movie “An adventure”). Laura Chiatti will sing along with Claudio Baglioni some of the songs on the soundtrack of the film.

Also, it will be delivered the Prize to the Career to Pino Daniele.

Who will perform this evening on the stage of the Ariston? For the moment, the Rai has not circulated a list with the names of the 12 singers who will perform this evening. We remind you that tomorrow evening I will perform the other 12 singers that you shall rest but not this evening.

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