Sanremo 2017: who wins the sales rankings?

Published on Feb 11, 2017

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Have been disclosed the sales charts, and steps on the radio, songs of sanremo

The name of the winner of the Sanremo Festival in 2017 still has not been proclaimed. Yet several of the songs are dominating the music charts in italy. As regards the radio, there are five songs of sanremo the most transmitted. What? Samuel with you See, Paola Turci, with Made beautiful for you, Fiorella Mannoia with Which to be blessed, Ermal Meta as Forbidden to die and Francesco Gabbani with Occidentali's Karma. To make it known is EarOne, the company constantly monitors the steps for the radio. Mention the other appearances in the top ten: Giusy Ferreri and Gigi D'alessio. Both have been eliminated from the race in sanremo with the respective text Is so bad and The first star. What is the singer who is selling more? Until a few days ago the Spot in the favorite for the final victory, but in the last hours has been surpassed.

The Mann has dominated for a week by the ranking of iTunes, you can then be overridden by Francesco Gabbani. The tuscan, a former winner of the Sanremo Young people, has reached the first place of the digital platform Apple. The other singer on the podium is Michael Good, a former winner of the X Factor that has led to the Ariston's diary of The errors. Drops in ranking Fabrizio Moro, from the third to the ninth place, with take Me away. Go up instead Elodie and Bianca Atzei, respectively fifth and sixth with All my fault and Now you exist only you. Also on Spotify most listened to are Mann, Moro, Good and Gabbani. And Youtube? The video clips displayed are once again those of Fiorella and Brown. But it is growing Ermal Meta, which won the evening Cover with Amara terra mia.

Who will win, instead, the Festival of Sanremo? According to the bettors of the Italian agency Goldbet Fiorella Mannoia. But there is a good possibility as well for Sergio Sylvestre, Fabrizio Moro, Francesco Gabbani, Ermal Meta.

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