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Published on Nov 26, 2019


Through its page facebook the official, Panini Comics has finally broken his silence on the sudden price increases announced on the last catalog Preview about the books Marvel and that triggered, understandably, criticism, controversy and endless discussion among readers and fans.

Here are the words of the publisher in modena

This increase in prices is the arrival point of a process that began a couple of years and has become necessary because of conditions that, in the course of time, have made it increasingly difficult to make publications of comics new import to the previous conditions.
The themes are obviously economic, but also in quality and ethics.

The commitment and investment on our comics have increased year after year, this is to ensure maximum reliability to our suppliers and employees that work to our publications, ensuring that all fees are fair and trying to maintain at the same time unchanged the quality of a proposal the editorial that now exceeds abundantly the thousands of publications each year.

This complex balance between the costs incurred (materials, employees, suppliers, and other factors that are not visible externally) and will publish only high quality products it was now difficult to guarantee.

Panini is committed, in fact, in adopting a policy and conduct, year after year, more eco friendly, not only in comics but in all the editorial products that the Company produces and develops, using the materials and suppliers ever more green, submitting your publications to the expensive and stringent security controls on processes and raw materials used, and at the same time maintaining a high quality of the products themselves. Specifically, the books stapled that will see the light at the beginning of 2020 will have a paper inside and the cover of the most weight and quality, FSC-certified, and clearer colors due to printing techniques, more and more efficient, which will enhance even more the books and the volumes, but above all, the libraries of collectors, offering a growing focus on the environment and a better reading experience.

The price increase goes to touch, in particular, a series of monographs on stapled more than the volumes (whether reprints or unpublished), which will continue to have a “cost history” are extremely cost effective. The park of publications, Panini Comics is in fact full of reprints, collected in the volume (such as the Omnibus), and editions of honor to meet every type of player, who are long-time collectors, casual readers or new readers.
The stapled are at the heart of the offer, Panini Comics, but also the most expensive of our production. That said, the price to the public of new stapled Panini Comics Marvel however, still remains significantly lower compared to their counterparts on paper and digital the united states, in the face of a printed product of premium quality, which has characteristics of paper and printing vastly superior. It is worth remembering that almost all of the publications supereroistiche of the other european countries are many years already aligned to these standards.

Imagine that these few lines may not completely dispel your disappointment, and it is for this reason that our daily efforts will continue to be directed to give you a quality product that is always best, with new proposals, new titles, new types of paper of the interior and the cover of which we have spoken, and also a series of news editorials, which – we assure you – will leave you literally slack-jawed.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come (as usual)

Marco M. Lupoi, Alex Bertani, and the editorial Panini Comics

What do you think of the reasons given?

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