Sandwiches, here are the books, free Marvel comics, manga & Disney of Free Comic Book Day 2017


Published on Oct 02, 2017


Returns the Free Comic Book Day, Panini Comics, two days of comics free of charge which this year will take place on 2 and 3 December 2017 in the comics participating in the initiative.

Thanks to the friends of TG Comics, we can tell you which small albums will be given:

And here you have the books of the Sandwiches Free Comic Book Day 😊😊 Marked in the date: 2 and 3 December 2017 😉

Posted by TG Comics on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Secret Empire / The Spectacular Spiderman / Attack on Avengers
Not one, not two, but three brand new stories and exclusive.
Find the heroes against the forces of Hydra and discover the new section dedicated to Spider-Man from the pen of Chip Zdarsky.
In addition, the new and highly anticipated crossover between the Avengers and The Attack of the Giants!

Donald Quest
The beginning of a riveting new saga “steampunk” on the weekly MICKEY where the Ducks and the Mice fight for the salvation of the world in the Galaxy Feudarnia.
The authors of the first episode: Ambrosio, Mc Greal, and Freccero.

Don Rosa Library: Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck
A preview of two stories from the second volume of the complete works of Don Rosa, for the first time in Italy in a monthly series where every comics adventure is enriched by the comments and personal memories written by the great author, story after story.

A new, incredible sci-fi series of the great mangaka Boichi!
Year 2048: a series of violent murders is shocking Tokyo and rumour had it that the abuser is of the beings is not human.
Investigating to find out if this is true or not, is just one of these “non-human”.
His name is the Origin, and this is the first chapter of his exciting story.

Star Wars: Darth Vader
Anakin Skywalker no longer exists: now there is only Darth Vader, the Sith more machine that man!
The beginning of a new series not to be missed that tells the birth of the Empire.

A sexually transmitted disease makes it beautiful and anyone who suffers... but it can have fatal consequences!
The intense police investigation, a mysterious killer who takes aim at precisely the bearers of beauty, a world in which the worship of externals has taken on the contours even more marked: these are the ingredients of one of the new independent series the most original and exciting of the moment!

Sandwiches, here are the books, free Marvel comics, manga & Disney of Free Comic Book Day 2017 is




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