Samurai 8: Kishimoto speaks of the duration of the manga, and the influence Marvel


Published on May 06, 2019


The japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun has published, in the course of the last few hours, an interview held in Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto's dad, on the occasion of his eagerly awaited return to Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) with the new manga Samurai 8: Hachimaruden.

The manga weekly, waiting to debut on the 13th of may, will be designed by Akira Okubo, assistant of Masashi Kishimoto in the course of serialization of Naruto, and in the realization of Boruto: Naruto The Movie, and written by the author who defined a generation with the great history about the ninja.

In recent days we have spoken of the theme of the new manga, the protagonist and the role of Kishimoto, which is much more influential than we had expected, but in the new interview we learn interesting new details about the new work.

The new information relates to, once again, the main character of the manga, Hachimaru, on the composition of the series, sources of inspiration, and also on a possible total duration.

The interview was translated essentially by @OrganicDinosaur, Twitter user credited on the timeliness of Masashi Kishimoto.

In regard to the protagonist, Naruto reveals that Hachimaru is a guy weak that he can leave his home or survive without a support system to allow him life. Although he plays online every day, Hachimaru dreams of becoming a Samurai with a machine body and powers that exceed human capabilities.

Hachimaru is a feeble boy who can't leave his home, or even survive without a life-support system. Even though he only plays online games every day, he dreams of becoming a ‘Samurai’: Having a mechanized body & powers that exceed human capabilities...🤖

— OrganicDinosaur (@OrganicDinosaur) May 4, 2019

The japanese author, in addition, it has recognized the difficulties in the construction of a technological and mechanized, and, for him, this new adventure is a bit like a sort of revenge on Shueisha for having rejected at the time of its first proposal from the manga.

More tidbits from the article: ❶ Kishi acknowledges the upcoming difficulty in world-building/intro to technical terms for the Sci-Fi series. Readers being inundated= Axe by the WSJ ❷ He likens it as ‘revenge’ for his first Shueisha's manga submission that wasn't as well received

— OrganicDinosaur (@OrganicDinosaur) May 4, 2019

But it is not finished here, indeed, the best comes now.

Masashi Kishimoto spoke about the composition of the story and also wanted to draw a kind of conclusion to Samurai 8.

Going to degrees, Kishimoto said that the story will be divided into two elements (presumably covering a main story and an alternative), taking the inspiration to the composition of the screenplay of two of the cornerstones of the forge Marvel, Spider-Man and Iron-Man.

Relatively to the possible duration of the manga, Kishimoto says that it is planned for 10 volumes. However, we know very well the dynamic of a manga, and it is clear that it is not information to be taken as pure gold, since new elements could be introduced as it would, accordingly, extend the life of the work.

❸ Kishi admits that it's planned for ~10 volumes, but he also initially thought Naruto was just going to be roughly ~15 volumes... (lol~~) ❹ It'll be divided into A-Story and B-Story elements, inspired by ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Iron Man’ story compositions

— OrganicDinosaur (@OrganicDinosaur) May 4, 2019

Remember that the chapter number 1 of the new manga of Masashi Kishimoto will be composed of 72 pages in total, including a color. Each new chapter will be published weekly, up to stabilize at an average of 19-20 tables total about.

Here's the brief plot:

“A guy had expressed a desire for a meteor. Waiting to eat food and to drink clean water, hoping not to be allergic to anything, hoping not to be afraid of stings, to walk without crutches and, one day, be able to travel the universe, in the end he just asked only one wish: to become a samurai.“

Samurai 8 is a manga genre sci-fi with strong components that reflect the dignity and the traditions that are strictly japanese.

“I love the things in the japanese style: I praise for the culture and for the decorations. And I also like science fiction. They are too excited for the creation of this scenario. Because I like both things, I decided to combine the two contexts for this work. I will work hard to make it even more interesting than Naruto!!”

Samurai 8: Kishimoto speaks of the duration of the manga, and the influence of Marvel is




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