Samuel Stern, the new horror film from the newsstand of the Bugs Comics


Published on Mar 12, 2019


It ended with a bang the first day of the Super 2019 for the publishing house of the roman Bugs Comics. It was announced a new character that will take foot in the house Bugs: Samuel Stern will be their first series which will be released on all the newsstands of Italy, from the end of November 2019.

"It will be our first in the series from newsstand and in the newsroom we are all very excited. We are working on this project for two years and so far we have outlined the character design and built a great bible character (80 pages),"said the director Gianmarco Fumasoli. "What we want to propose is a new idea of horror, from the inside part of the soul. Monsters such as zombies are beings that cause fear, but which are outside of us and that we already know how to defeat. The horror part from the inside, however, is far more treacherous: you're afraid not to recognize you in what you believe to be possessed by something that you acknowledge to be evil, but not able to defeat. Here comes Samuel Stern."

The series will be set in our days, in the city of Edinburgh faithfully represented. The young Stern is a library with a tough mission: to fight the demons, the most cruel, and not only. He will be joined by two partners, one of which will have relationship with the Church. Each book in the series will be of 94 black and white pages and will be released on a monthly basis. Many authors will work on the series: the first announced are Luca Blengino, Luca Lamberti, Luigi Formisano and Fabrizio Des Dorides (the author of the image below).


Posted by Fabrizio des Dorides on Monday 11 march 2019


Samuel Stern, the new horror film from the newsstand Bug Comics is




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