Samsung introduces OLED panel “unbreakable” smartphone


Published on Jul 26, 2018


Samsung, at the moment the sole supplier of OLED screens for iPhone X, has announced the development of a panel OLED “unbreakable”. Apple is obviously directly concerned of this important news.

Announced with a press release, this new OLED display has been certified as unbreakable by Underwriters Laboratories.

According to the tests performed by UL, a company that focuses on the official test for the Department of occupational safety and health in the United States, the display has survived a series of falls from 1.2 meters from the ground.

In particular, the OLED display Samsung has remained intact after 26 drops in a row and “has continued to operate normally without damage to the front, the sides or edges“. Is also survived testing in environments with high and low temperature.

In addition, the display has shown “no sign of injury” and continued to function normally after a drop test from 1.8 meters.

Samsung says that this OLED panel, indestructible, was constructed with a substrate unbreakable, in addition to an overlay window that has been firmly glued to the panel.

This technique can also be applied to the flexible display used on smartphones. Since Samsung is the main supplier for the OLED of Apple, it is very likely that this new panel will be used on the iPhone 2019.

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