Samsung Galaxy S9 beats the iPhone X to the drop test, but not without pain


Published on Mar 20, 2018


As we well know, one of the most feared vulnerability of the iPhone X lies in its poor impact resistance, which has led not a few users to subscribe to the coverage Apple Care Plus for fear of breaking it accidentally the expensive OLED panel of top of the range Apple. Could not miss the challenge to the rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus?

The two new top of the range of the Korean company, in fact, have been subjected to a drop test to show the shock resistance in comparison with the iPhone X. As always, it should be emphasized that such tests do not provide a truth that is empirical because of the different variables in play, but serve only to provide general indications on the robustness of design.

SquareTrade has today published their tests on the new born home Samsung, who have seen the devices of the range S9 to overcome the resistance testing in a manner much more satisfactory compared to the previous testing conducted on the iPhone X; in spite of all Samsung smartphones show not just a few damage as can be seen from the video released by SquareTrade.

Phonebuff has instead recently compared in the same test the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone X, choosing the device the Samsung as the winner, but not without reserve. The test conducted has been structured in four rounds that have put under stress the different parts of the smartphone starting from the backcover then move on to the frames and, of course, the display. In the first two rounds, the iPhone X is without a doubt the smartphone has shown a greater solidity of construction; the damage to the backcover, and the frames are in fact much smaller compared to S9 Plus that has now shown significant damage, a sign that the glass and the steel frame of the Apple absorb much better shock than the aluminum and glass used by Samsung.

The parties, however, I reverse in the second two tests, which they put under the stress of the displays of the two devices. In these cases, the increased thickness of the glass of S9 Plus it has allowed for the device to overcome the many falls only with some damage to the front glass and the front camera, but the iPhone X has shown from the outset to an almost total impairment of the functionality of the touch panel, without, however, damage to the OLED display as very likely many would have expected given the first drop lyrics performed on your Apple device.

You also are among those who have opted for an extended warranty of your smartphone after these drop tests? Please let us know in the comments.

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