Samsung Galaxy: another smartphone catches fire

Published on Sep 24, 2018

It seems to be becoming a habit to read the online news about the smartphone Galaxy that, from time to time, any part of the world, take fire, and, after the striking case of Notes 7, the ill-fated device withdrawn from the market, you thought it was over there. Unfortunately it was not to be because in the last few days of a Notes 9 caught fire in the elevator (but for luck it is an isolated case), followed more recently by another Galaxy.

This time, the device does not belong to the line Notes, but rather that Galaxy S and, in particular, we talk about a Galaxy S7 Edge.

The unfortunate owner of this dashing smartphone said you have extracted it from his pocket to take a picture, but instead of perform the function the device is off spontaneously. After an unsuccessful restart attempts the user has left for a moment on a table and soon after, the Galaxy S7 Edge has literally caught fire.

After the incident the user is rightly given to a centre of Samsung in his town to ask for assistance but, to his great surprise, was denied warranty expired. Clearly irritated at the treatment he received, he decided to send to Samsung customer care a tweet with photos of his device burned. The response of the Korean company, arrived immediately along with an apology for the handling of the case by the service center. To remedy was then offered to the user a Galaxy S9 shiny new (this time, or so they say) provided that removes the picture posted in the tweet so as not to encourage any improper use by others.

The protagonist of the unfortunate affair has accepted the offer, and it all ended in the best of ways.


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