Salvini only on Valentine's day: “a party may be abolished”


Published on Feb 14, 2019


Even politicians have a heart and it is the case of Matteo Salvini on Instagram is launching a new taunt: Valentine's day is “a celebration to be abolished“. In reality, the citizens might read as yet another output unhappy of the Minister of the Interior, it may only be a sentence dictated by the “love sickness”. As we all know by now, the deputy and his now ex-girlfriend, Elisa Isoardi have said goodbye for some time. Who knows which Salvini does not feel sad on the day dedicated to lovers.... It is a fact that social, and he said on this day, without giving too many explanations. Therefore, the most that the will to abolish this occurrence, it appears that contact perhaps to those who is only. But let's find out what he has written Salvini on Instagram about the festival, dedicated to love.

The deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini always says its all over and discuss, as a good politician, to every thing that happens in Italy. So today, on the day dedicated to the feast of love, how could he avoid to comment on? He did it in the midst of social, as we have been accustomed to for a long time. And, therefore, is aimed at women who follow him as I thank them and adding a note on Valentine's day. Here is his back

A big hug to all of you Friends, that do live, to dream and to grow this Page, and Italy. Valentine's Day? You are right you would probably have a “party” to abolish...😉 I love You!

A post shared by Matteo Salvini (@matteosalviniofficial) date: Feb 13, 2019 at 11:06 am PST

As it reads, Matteo Salvini, has written: “A hug to all of you Friends, that do live, to dream and to grow this Page, and Italy. Then he continued by saying: “Valentine's day? You are right you would probably have a “party” to be abolished... I love You!“.

To make more and more melancholic as written by deputy on Instagram, there is photo. Matteo Salvini watch, perhaps melancholy, out of the window. Who is willing to fall in love again after the end of the story with the beautiful Elisa Isoardi? We do not know is the fact that perhaps, for him, this is not a beautiful day as well as for many italians forced to see hearts and roses while being single.

What do you think of the post of Matteo Salvini? Also do you think Valentine's day is a holiday to be abolished?

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