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Published on May 31, 2018


Salty is a very useful service for users who are looking for a professional figure, in degree to satisfy certain needs.

Salty is a service dedicated to professionals, that can create a professional profile to get find by potential customers in a simple and immediate manner. The service has had a great success during the crowdfunding campaign, reaching in advance the set objectives.

Salty and then fail to provide a good system of research to all individuals and companies who need occasional performances by freelance, freelancers and self-employed workers.

Usually, search and contact these figures still requires a lot of dexterity, having to make reference to various sites and directly contact any possible professional. In fact, most of the times we tend to contact a reference had to be someone else, to simplify the relationship. This, however, leaves us in the dark talented professionals, perhaps more suitable for the tasks required. For this Salty-is a true search engine professionals in Italy.

We find more than 50 categories available, from the beautician to the gardener, from the photographer to the architect, from dog-sitting the cake designer. The service already has about 30,000 active users and more than 20,000 job opportunities generated in a year. The free-lance on the platform and then pay a monthly cost that is extremely lower than any investment in advertising alone.

Salty is a business tool that is complementary to the activities of the professionals and can be useful to:

The user experience is simple for individuals and companies in search of professionals: once you have made the search for a service and examined the profiles of professionals assessed the tariff and selected the figure most suitable to your own preferences, the user is able to set up an appointment with a simple phone call (in the case where the trader has consented to such mode of contact), or by using the internal messaging system of Salty.

In certain cases, the user is able to set the appointment and autonomy, directly from within the application, consult the calendar dynamic of the trader, with which the latter automatically manages own work commitments, so as to be contacted only when actually available. We have tried the app and we found ourselves very well in research, although in our area there are still a large number of professionals registered. On the Rome and Milan, instead, the spread is much wider, and gradually expand in other areas of Italy. In any case, the search is very easy between the categories and allows us to find the list of our interest.

Among the main features of the app include:

The application is available for iOS and Android for free. Below are the links for the download:

If you are looking for more information you may log on to the official website of the service and find out more.

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