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Published on Feb 02, 2019


Very young and very talented Lorenzo Balloons is the author born and raised in the Collective Mammaiuto and that is going to be published by saldaPress. Arriving In may 2019, The she-Wolf is a comic book that is already published for Mammaiuto (called Exact), and I soon exhausted. Thanks to saldaPress, will be available in a remastered version and colored by Luca Lenci of one of the comics most beloved Flasks, and the volume will contain several extras. A publication that confirms the intention of saldaPress to explore the territories of the comic strip and Italian genre, focusing on the authors original and outside the box, able to tell the stories of the strong and unusual. As THE she-WOLF.

Here's a brief synopsis:

Created, written and designed by Lorenzo, THE WOLF will strike straight to the heart, thanks to the effrontery of his protagonist: Ginger.
A hard woman, which is a work very complicated. Perhaps he would like to have a normal life, now that he has a family, but it is very difficult to do that. To tell the life of Ginger is very talented and Lorenzo Balloons that he has succeeded: he wrote THE she-WOLF, a graphic novel, surprising, raw, with strong noir atmosphere and crime.Ginger is a complicated work and is the best at what it does: collects loans with all the violence that he knows, then go home, by the family, as a loving mother. In perennial balance between these two lives, Ginger works in a case of non-payment behind the other trying to escape the inevitable moment: that in which will pay a dear price.

THE she-WOLF will be released in may in an elegant volume hardback square, returning to the grid the nine-cartoons-square-table Balls. A format is very unusual for a comic book unique of its kind.

Lorenzo Balloons, is one of the founders of the Cultural Association MAMMAIUTO, is the author of MOONED (Shockdom) and SCARY ALLAN CROW with Dj Written (Editions Inkiostro, 2017) and is the designer of A LONG JOURNEY and de THE COUSIN, for the French market he has published the books THE CORNER, and Andrea Seventh, ILE (Editions Sarbacane, 2016), EXACT (Mammaiuto, 2016; Editions Sarbacane, 2017); collections of short stories MOTHS and TIME BY the WOLVES(Mammaiuto, 2018) and 365 (Paolo Castaldi (Shockdom, 2018). He has also participated in the anthologies “A guy leaves for a trip, injures someone, not back home any more” (Mammaiuto, 2015) and “Ploy” (Mammaiuto, 2017). For the European Research Council creates the webcomic ESTRELLA (ERCcOMICS, 2017), and with the group Mammaiuto Lab writes the MOUSE GINO AND THE little FISH (Mammaiuto, 2018) and draw the GREEN GIRL (Comicon Editions, 2018).

In 2016, the host of the Maison Des Auteurs in Angoulême and he won the Prize He as the “Best actor” for THE CORNER.

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