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Published on Dec 06, 2018


Also this month, we bring you all the upcoming releases saldaPress planned for January 2019, with so many titles not to be missed: from the unpublished ANIMOSITY EVOLUTION VOL. 1 NEW WORLD (a spin-off of Animosity, distrust, successful series already optioned for film by Legendary Pictures) the return of the VOLT (here for our review) up to the third volume of SUPER DINOSAUR, there is something for all tastes!

ALIENS VS PREDATOR AND PROMETHEUS FINAL CONFLICT – LIFE AND DEATH of Dan Abnett, Brian Albert Thies 132 pages – 16.8 x 25.6 cm color, column with flaps € 14.90

Ends LIFE AND DEATH, the cycle of stories that has linked all the properties of the ALIENS the UNIVERSE comic book news as Dark Horse, continuing the path opened by FIRE AND STONE. Crushed in a death match between xenomorfi, Predator and Engineers, the last chance for human beings is represented sentata by a woman who holds a power capable of putting an end to the battle. Or, perhaps, the human race. The book, PROMETHEUS – the FINAL CONFLICT, and an exciting epilogue to the events of LIFE AND DEATH.

MANIFEST DESTINY #17 of Chris Dingess, Matthew Roberts, Owen Gieni 48 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm color, column € 3.30

In the middle of winter, sergeant Pryor takes the initiative, on the basis of a plane very risky: she wants to take control of the Body Shipping and to guide him towards salvation. A salvation not only physical, but also spiritual. Lurking in the snow, however, there are threats tremendous, that could endanger the life of the mutineers and the survival of the entire expedition.

BABYTEETH VOL. 2 RUDENESS of Donny Cates, Garry Brown 144 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm, column with flaps € 14.90

Crazy people coming to settle the affairs of the supernatural, cabale super secret, inter-dimensional portals, murderers, and the horrors related to a trip that involves a demon sent to destroy the Universe: the young Sadie Ritter and his newborn son-a child who some believe is the Antichrist, and that others see in a completely opposite way – if the must see with a new sea of troubles. As if that wasn't enough, he will enter in scene the irresistible Demon Raccoon. The second story arc of BABYTEETH confirms the extraordinary talent of Donny Cates (REDNECK), one of the authors of the tip of the comic market in the USA contemporary, accompanied to perfection by the designs of Garry Brown (THE REVISIONIST).

VOLT (SEASON 2) #1 A DAY FROM REX di Stefano ‘TheSparker’ Count 64 pages 16 x 21 cm b/n, column € 3.30

Back to Volt, the little robot that dreams of becoming a cartoonist, and now he has to face it M. O. M. S., ONE DAY, REX is the first chapter of the second season of the series, and it starts immediately with one of the most iconic of the comic book created, written and drawn by Stefano Conte: the unmanageable Rex, the customer no one ever wants to meet, the young dinosaur able to skip the nerves to the more meek among the living beings. A great new beginning to an adventure that will run fast for six numbers bi-monthly on the wave of plot twists, new characters memorable, insidious adventures and much laughter. To close the register of the stripes THAT the LIFE OF the MECHA and The LAZY MAN.

ANIMOSITY, DISTRUST EVOLUTION VOL. 1 NEW WORLD of Marguerite Bennett. Eric Gapstur, Juan Doey 120 pages – 168 x 25.6 cm color column with flaps € 14,90

It's the dawn of a new world: the is imprisoned Adam, a veterina animals have started to think of rio, is working on a computer and talking. Now they want to sell-the gia should give to his captors, share and acquire power. the ability to change the world, Desire to establish their own Kingdom the NEW WORLD collects the trilogy, taking advantage of capacity that ANIMOSITY RISE and the first two episodes a day to improve and resemble the sem - of ANIMOSITY, distrust EVOLUTION, two spin-off pre more the human ones. So in ANIMOSITY, the successful and celebrated, a village on the sea, is rising series, created by Marguerite Bennett, already a city that was ruled by a wolf, which is optioned by Legendary Pictures for the called Winter Mute, and in which the production of a film for the cinema.

INJECTION HC Oversized VOL.1 Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire 400 pages – 18 x 27,5 cm, hardcover € 49,90

The new edition hard-cover format and oversized INJECTION collects the first three arcs of the extraordinary series created by the brilliant and prolific Warren Ellis (TREES, SHIPWRECK and artist Declan Shalvey. A few years before the beginning of the story, five crazy visionaries,the five scholars he covers the full spectrum of contemporary culture, have manipulated the twenty-first century to induce the progress to get back on the road. But something has gone wrong. INJECTION tells how noisy and strange is becoming the world. Speaks of a future wild and a past that is scary. And it is one of the best series powered by Image Comics in recent years, already ready to become a tv series prodottada Universal Cable Productions.

NAILBITER VOL. 5 BOND OF BLOOD by Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson 144 pages – JE & X 25.6 cm color, column with bandede
€ 14,90

Buckaroo, Oregon, is a country that has given birth to many notorious serial killer.The worst of them? Without a doubt, the Mangiaun ghie. But it is possible that he has a daughter of which no one was aware of? Searches for Alice to uncover the truth about his origins might lead you to discover the
the truth about Buckaroo and the inexplicable concentration of killer serial? The new chapter of one of the horror-thriller acclaimed by critics and the public. A chapter decisive, waiting for the last and amazing cycle of stories. The volume also contains a special and unmissable crossover between NAILBITER and HACK/SLASH.

ALIENS #22 (Aliens: Dust to Dust #3-4) Gabriel Hardman 48 pages – 16.8 x 25,56 cm color, stapled € 3,20

The new number of the monthly ALIENS features the last two episodes of the mini-series ALIENS: DUST TO DUST", written and drawn by Gabriel Hardman (INVISIBLE REPUBLIC, GREEN LANTERN: EARTH ONE). Maxon was only twelve years old, but needs to take very quickly a series of decisions that would make cry of fear as an adult. Faced with the creatures the most frightening of the Universe and there is no alternative: it must survive and grow. And, you must do so now.

’68 #8 of Mark Kidwell, Jeff Zornow, Jay Fotos 48 pages – 16.8 x 25.6 cm color, column € 3.30

Continue the adventures of ’68, the cult series that tells the Vietnam War, protest for peace and the american society and adds a crazy variable: the zombie apocalypse. In the eighth number, Brian Curliss finally manages to complete his mission and the encounter with Jungle Jim is a real surprise. Immediately after we follow the misadventures of the group barricaded inside the airport of Tan Son Nhat international airport, and Declan Rule, who is on the trail of a mysterious mad scientist.

SUPER DINOSAUR VOL. 3 Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard 128 pages – 16,8×25,6 cm color, column with flaps € 14.90

Return Super Dinosaur, the explosive adventure curated by the daddy of The Walking Dead for kids of... all ages! The Exile has captured Derek and led him into the Inner Earth. Will the guy discover in time the secret of the Inner Earth? Or will merely be a witness to the end of human civilization? Super Dinosaur, for its part, will face his greatest enemy: Max Maximus. In the meantime, in secret, on the Moon, things happen that could represent a decisive turning point for the salvation of the world.

INVINCIBLE #61 (Invincible 119-120. Wolf-Man 25+epilogue) by Robert Kirkman and AA.VV. 64 pages (16,8% 25,6 cm color, stapled € 3.90

The new life of Mark, Atom Eve and Land on the Talescria is more complicated than expected, and even food can pose a danger. But to weigh, especially in the trauma of the past, while in the depths of the Universe, the fight between Battle Beast and Thragg reaches its climax The the new issue of Invincible with also keeps the epic finale of the great epic of a Wolf-Man.

INVINCIBLE BOX set – 6 box set + Invincible #61 (variant cover) 72 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm color, stapled € 13.90

Finally the sixth set of INVINCIBLE that to put this to the readers of the edition men sile of the series to collect all the books released in 2019. In the annex to the box set, a special edition of the album Invincible #61 variant cover.

PREDATOR #5 (Predator: Hunters II #1 and #2), Chris Warner and Augustin Padilla, 48 pages – 16.8 x 25.56 cm color, stapled € 3.20

The new issue of the monthly magazine dedicated to the universe of comics of PREDATOR branded as Dark Horse collects the first two episodes of a much awaited sequel: the HUNTERS series, created and written by Chris Warner. From the islands of the south Pacific to the mountains of Afghanistan, the Hunters go anywhere to appear in the Predator. Even if they appear in a war zone, and if the hunt will force them to enter into conflict with a governmental group that has the same goal. Despite the losses incurred during their first mission, the hunters of the Predator are back. And have no intentions of stopping.





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