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Published on Mar 02, 2019


Also this month, we bring you all the upcoming releases saldaPress scheduled for April 2019, with so many titles not to be missed: from the eighth edition of the PREDATOR to the arrival of the special UNHOLY GRAIL, there is something for all tastes!


REVIVAL VOL.8 STILL REMAINS A BIT of Tim Seeley, Mike Norton 144 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm, column with flaps € 14,90 ISBN: 9788869195693

The last chapter of one of the series most beloved catalog Image Comics and saldaPress. The existence of people who have come back to life-threatens the survival of the human race on the planet. Salvation may be represented by the unlikely alliance between Dana, Emme, and the murder of Emme. The first to succeed in the enterprise, however, must contend with a community struggling with a real civil war. Tim Seeley and Mike Norton close REVIVAL with an extraordinary narrative arc: the perfect end to the series unforgettable.



REDNECK VOL. 3 WIVES AND OXEN of Donny Cates, Lisandro Estherren 128 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm, column with flaps € 14,90 ISBN: 97888

The VAMPIRES OF TEXAS are ASKING for HELP from THE WORST ALLY POSSIBLE, the members of THE family Bowman are in a sea of trouble. Indeed, they have probably touched the lowest point of the whole of their very long history, and now they are forced to turn to a clan that Bartlett would have wanted to avoid for the rest of his life. And for a simple reason: it is led by Julie, his ex. The new chapter of the series created by writer DONNY CATES (Babyteeth) and artist LISANDRO ESTHERREN (The Last Contract): the vampires texans face new obstacles, huge challenges, and they do it with the usual, unstoppable dose of unpredictable and fierce humanity

THE WALKING DEAD #58 THE LIMITS THAT we can SURPASS Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn 56 pages – 16 x 21 cm black-and-white, column € 2,50

HUMAN BEINGS ARE STILL THE THREAT MOST FEARED by The huge flock of undead unleashed by the Sussurratori has upset the life of the community and, in particular, that of Rick. The time has come to heal the wounds and plan for the future. And you can do so by trying to understand who they are survivors with which it is in contact Eugene via radio, what role will you have Naruto and how it will be possible to reconstruct Hilltop. Start a new, great adventure.


UNHOLY GRAIL of Cullen Bunn, Mirko Colak 128 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm, column with flaps € 14,90

THE STORY OF KING ARTHUR IS A NIGHTMARE WORTHY OF LOVECRAFT, Arthur Pendragon was the King of all of Great Britain. Its history is legendary, such as those of Merlin, Excalibur, Camelot and the knights of the Round Table. But these are simple inventions that have crossed the centuries. UNHOLY GRAIL, however, said the bloody rise to power of Arthur and the stories of his wicked kingdom. One of King Arthur is not only a legend, but a real nightmare, woven of pure terror. While Arthur sinks into the darkness, there is still hope that he can do something good? Writer Cullen Bunn (the UNCANNY X-MEN, DEADPOOL) and artist Mirko Colak (PUNISHER) tell a version in the pure style of gained of the legend arthurian. The legend will never be the same.


PREDATOR #8 (contains Predator: Demon's Gold, Predator: Prey to Heavens prologue, Predator: Prey to the heavens #1) of the AA. VV. 48 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm color, stapled € 3,20 – ISBN: 9788869195662 REGULAR Cover € 4,90 – ISBN: 9788869196249 VARIANT Cover

THE THREE STORIES. THREE TIMES PREDATOR The new number of the monthly magazine dedicated to the universe of comics of PREDATOR branded Dark Horse offers to Italian readers three great stories. A historic one-shot, and to follow the prologue and the first episode – of four total – of an important mini-series. With PREDATOR: DEMON'S GOLD, the story written by Ron Marz and drawn by Italian Claudio Castellini, and continues with the prologue and the episode for the opening of the PREDATOR: PREY TO HEAVENS, the mini-series written by John Arcudi and drawn by Javier Saltares, set on the planet Earth at the mercy of the third world war.

ALIENS #25 (Aliens: More than human #1 and #2) John Arcudi, Zach Howard, 48 pages, 16,8 x 25.6 cm color, stapled € 3,20 – ISBN: 9788869195167 REGULAR Cover € 4,90 – ISBN: 9788869196232 VARIANT Cover

THE greatest DISCOVERY in THE HISTORY... IS A NIGHTMARE The new number of the monthly ALIENS hosts the first two episodes of ALIENS: MORE THAN HUMAN, a historical mini-series of the Aliens Universe, written by John Arcudi penciled by Zach Howard. A group of explorers planetary unscrupulous plant its flag on a new world and far away, rich in land, resources... and mystery. On the planet, apparently uninhabited, the group makes the greatest archaeological discovery in history: an ancient, abandoned complex of proportions unimaginable, dug in the rock, a labyrinthine maze of passages, ramps, bridges, and tunnels that seem to extend without limits. As the exploration proceeds, though, the explorers begin to lose the reason. And, above all, always feel more pressing the threat of a horror that has waited centuries to be able to awaken and begin to kill and destroy.

FIRE AND STONE: THE COMPLETE CYCLE of the AA.VV. a box containing five volumes of 16.8 x 25.6 cm color, brossurati with flaps € 59,00

The main characters OF the ALIENS UNIVERSE COLLECTED IN ONE BOX, Collected in an elegant box set, the five volumes that make up the cycle of FIRE AND STONE, an event comic that weaves in a unique, exciting story all of the properties related to the Aliens Universe (Aliens, Prometheus, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator). Great authors and illustrators – from Kelly Sue De Connick, Joshua Williamson and Christopher Sebela, up to Ariel Olivetti and Christopher Mooneyham – for an epic adventure of more than 500 pages, which is the sequel to the events narrated in the film Prometheus, and tells of the desperate struggle of a group of human beings against the threat of Engineers, xenomorfi and Predator. A narrative cycle of perfect worship, to love or to discover the Aliens the Universe comic book news as Dark Horse.

INVINCIBLE #64 (contains Invincible 124, 125, 126) of Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley 64 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm color, stapled € 3,90

REBOOT OR NOT TO REBOOT? Mark seems to be precipitated into a hole in space-time that brought him back to the origins of everything. To be precise, in the instant that we met for the first time. Is it really so? It all began"? It is again a teenager without super-powers and super-friends? Is on the Earth again, away from his daughter and Atom Eve: a fine mess.

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