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Published on Aug 03, 2019


Also this month, we bring you all the upcoming releases saldaPress planned for September 2019, with so many titles not to be missed: we report the arrival of the edition, the TERMINATOR 35-year ANNIVERSARY, while they also continue Aliens, Predator, and Invincible, and Volt.

ROBOCOP: DEAD OR ALIVE VOL. 2 by Joshua Williamson, Carlos Magno, and Dennis Culver 168 pages – 18 x 27,5 cm, hardcover € 24.90

THE MYTH OF ROBOCOP IS BACK TO life IN A NEW COMIC SERIES – ROBOCOP is a cop cyborg, but is above all one of the great icons of cinema and pop culture, thanks to the cult film, filmed in 1987 by director Paul Verhoeven. But it is also the hero, so it is trader of many comics stories. One of the most recent – written by Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver, to the designs of Carlos Magno and Alejandro Aragon – arrives in Italy thanks to saldaPress in a prestigious edition to read and collect. Envisioned as a direct sequel to the 1987 film, ROBOCOP: DEAD OR ALIVE is set a few months after the events told in the film. In this second and concluding volume, the plan put in place by the ferocious criminal John Killian lead him to a showdown with Robocop. In fact, while the people of Old Detroit, he decided to follow Killian, RoboCop, agent Lewis and the police department are preparing to cope with the abolition of the law, and the consequent spread of chaos. The three worlds are destined to clash and, by the
the ashes of death, perhaps, will be the change.

NAILBITER VOL. 6 TRUTH soaked in BLOOD by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson 144 pages – 16.8 x 25.6 cm color, column with flaps € 14.90

THE FINALE OF the SERIES THRILLER HORROR movie is the MOST ORIGINAL OF RECENT YEARS – Joshua Williamson – celebrated author of the series, BIRTHRIGHT, and GHOSTED, both published by sal daPress – and Mike Henderson have accompanied us for five volumes, in the heart of the mystery of Buckaroo, the town of Oregon where they were born and raised sixteen of the serial killer. For several years, the people of the place, the forces of poles of the aunt and the FBI have tried to figure out what the secret was behind the incredible coincidence. Now, finally, the truth comes to the surface. A truth soaked in blood. At what price will be discovered? The sixth volume of NAILBITER closes the circle of the thriller, the horror more striking than the american comics.

OUTCAST #19 Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta 48 pages – 16 x 21 cm, color, column € 2.90

THE CLASH FINAL – OUTCAST again, even in the format register. The series will continue bi-monthly until the number 24, with which it will conclude the saga of Robert Kirk man and Paul Azaceta. The Rowland Task and his are cer seeking to tighten his grip around the group, consisting of Kyle, Simon, Amber, Allison, by the reverend Ander son and all the other citizens who are trying to stem the Evil. The clash is going to decide once and for all, and the forces in the field will have to unleash all the weapons at your disposal.

THE WAR STORIES by GARTH ENNIS 1943-44: GERMANY / ITALY by Garth Ennis, Matt Martin, Keith Burns, and John Higgins 144 pages – 16.8 X 25,6 cm, hardcover € 19,90

The HORROR OF MODERN WAR live on IN the STORIES SIGNED BY GARTH ENNIS – Continues the publication of the great war Stories by Garth Ennis in an edition chronological designed by saldaPress for the Italian market. The great historical accuracy and the masterful talent of the narrative with which Ennis tells the story of the second world war and other important incidents of war of the last century, these comic-strip stories, one of the masterpieces of the irish author. The two stories in this fourth volume tell a (CASTLES IN the AIR drawn by Matt Martin and Keith Burns), the travails of the crew of a B-17 us, struggling with the horrors of aerial battles waged by the Allies against Germany and occupied Europe, and another one (BASTARDS OF D-DAY, drawn by John Higgins), a young british officer assigned to the Italian campaign. The war Stories written by Garth Ennis impressed with their ability to describe ordinary men, swept up from the great Story.

TERMINATOR 35th ANNIVERSARY of John Arcudi, James Robinson, Chris Warner, Matt Wagner 160 pages – 18 x 27,5 cm, hardcover € 24,90

THE OFFICIAL SEQUEL (COMIC) OF the CULT MOVIE the TERMINATOR Before TERMINATOR 2: judgment day, before any other sequel to the film, in 1990, Dark Horse Comics produced the official sequel to the Terminator. And it was a comic. An extraordinary story written by John Arcudi and Chris Warner, who saldaPress proposes a new and elegant edition to celebrate 35 years of the output of the first movie of the saga, anticipating the arrival in theaters – November – of the new chapter produced by James Cameron and starring Amold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. TERMINATOR 35° ANNIVERSARY riallacia to the events told in the film of 1984: John Connor sends a strike team in the past to destroy Cyberdine, the company intended to create Skynet, the computer in the future of humanity ruling the world. The machines, however, organize a counter-offensive and send a squad of Terminator to block the attempt of the human, thus transforming Los Angeles into a war zone.

OUTCAST VOL. 7 The DARKNESS GROWS of Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta 16.8 x 25.6 cm 136 pages – color, column with flaps 120 pages, color, hardcover € 14,90 – version brossurata (IPB) € 19,90 -version of the hardcover (HC)

THE PENULTIMATE VOLUME OF A MASTERPIECE – Returns OUTCAST, the horror series written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Paul Azaceta, with the spectacular colors of Elizabeth Breitweiser. This seventh volume inaugurates the long story arc that will take us to the end of the story, and the showdown between the Outcast and the entity dark that oppose him. The lives of Kyle Barnes and his family seem to be in fact hanging by a thread. The forces led by the Rowland Task are girdling siege to the Outcast, his father, Simon, Amber, Allison, reverend Anderson and all those who are trying to oppose the invasion in the act. Until a short time ago, Kyle and his seemed just, but now seems to have opened a crack: someone seems to be ready to fight at their side, relying on a power he never seen before.

ALIENS #30 by William Gibson, and Johnnie Christmas 48 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm color, column € 3.20

A PASSENGER UNEXPECTEDLY UNLEASH THE CHAOS – The new number of the monthly ALIENS collects the first two episodes of a real event editorial: WILLIAM GIBSON'S ALIEN. Finally gets life adaptation of the official comic of the screenplay for the original screening of ALIEN 3 written by William Gibson, the award-winning author of NEUROMANCER, the novel is a cult that has revolutionized forever the cyberpunk genre. After the events in ALIENS – the FINAL CLASH – the film directed by James Cameron in 1986, the spaceship Sulaco, that between the bag Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop were immersed in the ipersonno, it is intercepted by the Union of the peoples Progressives. What the forces of the UPP does not expect is to run into a passenger's unwanted and potentially deadly, destined to unleash chaos.

PREDATOR #13 Evan Dorkin and Derek Thompson, Keith aikin and his sister, Jim Vance, Kate Worley, Toby Cypress, Mark Lipka 48 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm color, stapled € 3.20

A FINAL WORTHY OF A NEW BEGINNING – The new number of the monthly magazine dedicated to the universe of comics of PREDATOR branded Dark Horse offers to Italian readers a finale and a new beginning. It starts with the fourth and final episode of the mini-series BAD BLOOD, in which the fury of the Predator gone mad, which he put upside down in the Pine Barrens subside and no longer the bank. And it continues with the first episode of the HOMEWORLD. Another mini-series in four parts starring the nature list Maya Bergstrom and the photographer ex-com swing George Maxwell, on the tracks of a particular species of Predator, that hunts other Predator that does not adhere to the code of war by their race.

VOLT (SEASON 2) #5 after THE EXPIRATION of Stefano ‘TheSparker’ Count 64 pages 16 x 21 cm b/n, column € 3.30

KITTENS OR MONSTERS? MOTHERS OR ENEMY? The DILEMMAS OF VOLT – Continue the adventures of the Volt, the little robot that dreams of becoming a cartoonist and that he has to face it M. O. M. S. for The fifth issue of the second season still sees Volt grappling with a challenge




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