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Published on Jun 27, 2019


Also this month, we bring you all the upcoming releases saldaPress scheduled for June 2019, with so many titles not to be missed: from the onset of the PESTILENCE to the edition of THE WALKING DEAD COLLECTION 1, there is something for all tastes! Continue, Aliens, Predator, Volt, and Invincible, as well as the publication of the great war stories by Garth Ennis.

PESTILENCE by Frank Tieri, Oleg Alexandrov 128 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm, hardcover € 19,90

AND IF THE BLACK PLAGUE HAD, IN FACT, THE FIRST OUTBREAK ZOMBIE STORY? – The master of horror-gore, Frank Tieri and artist Ukrainian Oleg Alexandrov takes us on a journey into the nightmare set in the Europe of the FOURTEENTH century. A terrible pestilence, known by the name of ‘black death’, is ravaging the continent of europe and has already killed over 100 million people. This is the official version, handed down from history books. But if it were all fake? If, in reality, that plague had been the first infestation zombies are not recorded in the history of man? PESTILENCE – one of the 2 horror stories-zombie episodic – follows the story of the ex-crusader Roderick Helms and other members of the Fiat Lux, a commando unit under direct orders of the Church. Their goal? Find the cause of the devas owing to the epidemic before the whole of humanity from succumbing to the undead.

THE WALKING DEAD COLLECTION 1 Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard 544 pages 16 x 21 cm b/n, column € 19,90

THE NEW EDITION OF the ZOMBIE SAGA, the MOST FAMOUS OF the WORLD THE WALKING DEAD – THE WALKING DEAD is a series of the most popular comic in the world. In over 15 years of publication, has inspired a TV series, novels, video games, table games and has never ceased to win over readers since the moment of its creation by Robert Kirkman. This new edition of THE WALKING DEAD – designed specifically for the Italian market – collects four narrative arcs of the series in a single volume. More than 500 pages of comics that allow those who do not yet know to immerse themselves in the story of deputy sheriff Rick Grimes, awakening from a coma in the middle of a zombie apocalypse that has ravaged the planet. Rick goes in search of his own family, and so begins a long journey where he must fight for his life and for the people he loves. Around him, the not – dead, but, above all, a humanity that seems to be on the point of disappearing.

ALIENS #28 (Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War #3 and #4) by Randy Stradley and Rick Leonardi 48 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm color, stapled € 3.20

CONTINUES the WAR OF THE THREE WORLDS – The new number of the monthly ALIENS collects the third and the fourth episode of the crossover ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: THREE WORLD WAR mini-series of the Aliens Universe written by Randy Stradley and illustrated by Rick Leonardi.
Challenging the fate and the good sense, Machiko Noguchi seeking a new agreement with the Predator. His intention is to form a coalition that can deal with the other, the Predator, those who have subjected a group of xenomorfi and that represent a lethal threat to the entire Universe.

PREDATOR #10 (contains Predator: Bad Blood Prologue, Predator: Bad Blood #1)
Evan Dorkin and Derek Thompson, Ande Parks and Chris Warner 48 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm
color, stapled € 3.20

GREAT AUTHORS, FOR A NEW GREAT ADVENTURE – The new number of the monthly magazine dedicated to the universe of comics of PREDATOR branded Dark Horse offers to let the bulls of the Italian of the prologue and the first episode of the mini-series BAD BLOOD, written and drawn by a team of authors of the first magnitude. In the area of coastal Pine Barrens, New Jersey, took place an atrocious massacre. John Pulnick, a former CIA agent, is accused of horrible crimes, but it knows the true identity of the hunter responsible for these massacres: it is Predator. But a Predator with a very particular and very dangerous. It is not just a hunter: he is one psychotic crazy, settled blood.

VOLT (season 2) #4 NEVER SAY CARTOONIST Stephen TheSparker’ Count 64 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3.30 (REGULAR), € 5,00 (VARIANT)

BEGINS THE STORY OF the COMIC-MASKED – Continue the adventures of the VOLT, the little robot that dreams of becoming a cartoonist and that he has to face it M. O. M. S. The fourth number of the second season sees the VOLT and try your luck. To pursue his dream, in fact, enrolled in a contest for cartoonists, discovering, however, that the race involves a series of absurd, physical evidence, and that among the judges there is someone who in the past had threatened and had almost broken her dream. And so VOLTS, not
take risks, try to hide their identity, wearing the clothes of an unlikely alter-ego: El Rayo, the cartoonist in disguise. ALSO AVAILABLE IN EDITION VARIANT, with a cover designed by SIO!

INVINCIBLE #67 (contains Invincible 131, 132, Tech Jacket New 6) by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker pages 64 – 16.8 x 25.6 cm color, stapled € 3,90

THRAGG HAS DECIDED: she WANTS THE HEAD OF the INVINCIBLE – Mark and Eve are convinced to be safe and to have brought the Earth, on a planet peaceful. But Thragg decided: Invincible must die, together with his whole family. Nicholas Crowe, meanwhile, has his chance: perhaps you can be able to rip the armor geldariana from the body of Tech Jacket.

THE WAR STORIES by GARTH ENNIS IN 1942-43: the ARCTIC/ TUNISIA by Garth Ennis, Cam Kennedy, Gary Erskine 160 pages – 16.8 x 25,6 cm, hardcover € 19,90

Continues the publication of the great war stories by Garth Ennis in an edition chronological designed by saldaPress for the Italian market. The great historical accuracy and the masterful talent of the narrative with which Ennis tells the story of the second world war and other important incidents of war of the last century, these comic-strip stories, one of the masterpieces of the irish author. The two stories featured in this third volume, tell a (NIGHTINGALE, drawn by David Lloyd) a destroyer escort for convoys on the arctic route is considered cursed by the soldiers, and the other (THE FLOWER OF MY HEART, designed by Tomas Aira) of the encounter between a pilot of british royal air force and an Italian pilot, prisoner of war, during the allied advance of the 1943 Tunisia. Heroic deeds, dramatic sacrifices, and the hope that the horror of war, a day no longer exists: The war Stories by Garth Ennis impressed with their ability to describe the humanity of the face to the great History.

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