SaldaPress, the outputs of December 2017


Published on Nov 18, 2017


saldaPress has made known what will be the outputs planned in December with a checklist:


Marguerite Bennett, Rafael de Latorre
16,8×25,6, B+and C., 120 pp. (B and C), col. – cover price: € 14,90 (B), 19,90 (C)
One day, without reason, the animals wake up and begin to think and speak. From that moment begins their revenge. The world descends into chaos, and it sets off a war between the animals have become more intelligent than before, and human beings, completely displaced by the new situation. In the midst of the conflict that has just triggered, a girl of 11 years old named Jesse and his dog, Sandor, who is always busy to protect her, they begin a journey full of pitfalls for the search for Adam, the half-brother of Jesse, who lives in San Francisco. An unforgettable journey.
MARGUERITE BENNETT – is a writer and cartoonist in american comics. After graduating in 2013 with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, she began immediately to work on a range of projects that include BATMAN, BOMBSHELLS, A-FORCE, and ANGELA: ASGARD''S ASSASSIN. For Fox has worked on the TV series SLEEPY HOLLOW. In a few years, the titles he's worked on have sold millions of copies.
RAFAEL DE LATORRE – is a designer brazilian. He began working as an illustrator in the world of publishing and advertising since 2006. The first comic he worked on was a FADE OUT: PAINLESS SUICIDE, a candidate for the awards HQMix, the Oscars of the comic book in brazil. He also worked in the LOST KIDS: SEEKING SAMARKAND and 321: FAST COMICS.

Warren Ellis, Jason Howard
16,8×25,6, C, 128 pp, col. – cover price: € 19,90
Only one person survived the explosion which occurred at the Blindhail and now that person has a task: to go to the Orkney islands, and supervise the unique ‘tree’, which ten years ago fell on british soil. Thickens, the mystery of the huge pillars are similar to trees that have invaded, silently, the planet, and now you are suddenly reanimated. And while the survivor of the shipping in the Norwegian leads towards Great Britain, the new mayor of New York he wants revenge for what happened when one of the ‘trees’ is landed on Manhattan, devastandola.
WARREN ELLIS – writer of comics and television series, british author and journalist. He co-created and written some of the series best-known and most influential of the panorama of the american comic book contemporary, like THE AUTHORITY (Wildstorm – DC Comics), and TRANSMETROPOLITAN (Vertigo). He is also the author of the long narrative arcs of some of the most important comic book series american of all time: WOLVERINE, X-MEN, GHOST RIDER, MOON KNIGHT (Marvel Comics) HELLBLAZER (Vertigo), just to name a few. In addition to TREES, Image Comics has written, FELL, MINISTRY OF SPACE, the CITY OF SILENCE and INJECTION.
JASON HOWARD – the Young and talented american designer who has published primarily for Image Comics. The main titles designed by Howard SUPER DINOSAUR, THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN (written by Robert Kirkman) and SCATTERLANDS (written by Warren Ellis), all published by Image Comics. He lives in Michigan.

Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn
18×27,5, C., 312 pp, b/n. – cover price: € 29,00
The war against Naruto and the Saviours proved to be a gamble. Many of the survivors have fallen and the situation now seems to turn to worse. But there are alternatives: we need to continue the fight. Rick, Andrea, Michonne, Maggie, Jesus, Ezekiel must endanger their lives and that of their communities. They must win if they hope to restore meaning to the life on the planet. Must succeed, or all will be lost.
ROBERT KIRKMAN – is currently one of the authors of the comics more popular in the world. The huge success of the cartoon and the TV series THE WALKING DEAD has turned into a true celebrity of the landscape of storytelling the contemporary international. He is the author of other important and successful comic book series published by Skybound, the label he himself created inside of Image Comics, among which stand out OUTCAST – who has recently debuted on Fox as a tv series – and Invincible, the series and prosthetics around which rotates the Invincible Universe.
CHARLIE ADLARD – is a designer of English is especially known for his work on THE WALKING DEAD which has become one of the most interesting artists in the panorama of comics international. Is also the author of the drawings of the WHITE WAR, such AS A STONE, and the CURSE OF THE WENDIGO, all of which are available in the catalog saldaPress.


Brandon Seifert, Lukas Ketner
16.8 x 25,56, B., 48 pp., col. – cover price: € 3,30
Back in a new edition, the medical wizard of the most beloved of the last few years. The world is literally sick. The entire universe is a living creature and the monsters of the legends (vampires, demons, goblins) are the parasites. The immune system of the Earth – humanity – has always been at war against the supernatural. But to fight a disease does not serve the soldiers, serving doctors. Just as Dr. Vincent Morrow. Removed from the register of doctors, and often at loggerheads with those involved in the dark arts, Dr. Morrow is a Witch Doctor – a witch doctor – and is looking for a vaccine... for the apocalypse.
BRANDON SEIFERT – in addition to having co-created and written WITCH DOCTOR, Seifert has signed with the great Clive Barker comic series HELLRAISER: THE DARK WATCH (BOOM! Studios). He has also scripted several episodes of the comic series DOCTOR WHO (Idw Publishing) and co-created SPIRIT OF THE LAW (MonkeyBrain Comics).
LUKAS KETNER is the artist and co-creator of the WITH DOCTOR, the title which he opened Skybound, the label of Robert Kirkman inside of Image Comics. He is currently at work on KILL THE MINOTAUR, another important series Skybound, already optioned by Universal Pictures, who will produce a film for the big screen. In the past he has worked in CREEPY COMICS and SUPERSIZED: STRANGE TALES FORM A FAST-FOOD CULTURE (both published by Dark Horse) and to the covers of the comics of HELLRAISER (IDW Publishing).

Max Landis, Giuseppe Camuncoli
16,8×25,6, S, 24 pp., col. – cover price: € 1,99
The young Percival managed to convince the Knights: they will go with him to Green Valley to save the country, though they are not convinced of the fact that there are really a magician and the dragons waiting for them. Once on, however, they are forced to change their mind.
MAX LANDIS – is an eclectic american screenwriter and director, best known for having worked on the film CHRONICLE, and ME HIM HER. He has also worked for the tv as the creator and producer of the tv series of DIRK GENTLY, and is distributed by Netflix and wrote the comic strip SUPERMAN, an ALIEN, and the AMERICAN mini-series Dc Comics has earned him a nomination for an Eisner Award. Is also a consultant of the narrative in the writing of the storylines of the World Wrestling Entertainment.
GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI – after a few other Italian productions, landed on the american market with the series SWAMP THING (written by Brian K. Vaughan). Since then he has worked non-stop for DC Comics and Marvel, on titles such as HELLBLAZER, BATMAN, X-INFERNUS, WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, BATMAN EUROPE, and the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Recently he has worked on ALL-STAR BATMAN written by Scott Snyder and its in GREEN VALLEY, published by Skybound.


David La Rosa
16 x 21, B, 144 pp., col. – cover price: € 10,90
Parini died in 1799, but an unpredictable, alien, brings him back to life and sends him from the other side of the galaxy, together with the head of Robespierre, for a silly game: see how long it manages to return to Earth. The years pass and Parini has turned the galaxy far and wide. Of the Earth, not even a trace, until it picks up a signal for help. A group of rebels is looking for someone who free them from the two strange people, coming from the space




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