SaldaPress presents the new issue of Invincible comic book that will soon become a movie


Published on Apr 06, 2017


Friday, April 7, exit die-Hard, the twelfth volume of the series created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker

Skybound and Robert Kirkman have made a big announcement: while the comic series in the USA is going to the conclusion, Invincible become officially a film for the cinema.

The project, developed thanks to the synergy between Skybound Entertainment, Point Grey Pictures and Universal Pictures) has been entrusted to Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the screenwriters and directors of The Interview, and the creators of the TV series Preacher.

Great news for fans of Mark Grayson and saldaPress, which publishes in Italy the comic strip and is the sole agent in our country, of all securities Skybound.

Just saldaPress door in the library and in the store in the twelfth volume of Invincible, entitled Hard to die (p. 168, € 14.90) and out Friday, April 7.

In the new story arc, the way Mark is crossed with that of old and new enemies. Angstrom Levy is back, with the intention to unleash an offensive, devastating that has as main objective to neutralize Invincible. As if that wasn't enough, he arrives on Earth as a fierce agent of the Empire Viltrumita. An agent is unscrupulous, powerful and determined to settle accounts with the son of Omni-Man, destroying it.

The twelfth volume of the series and prosthetics Robert Kirkman is an explosion of action, dramatic events, and adventure, which promises to be the events destined to change forever the Invincible Universe.

Appointment in the library, in store and in the online shop of saldaPress starting tomorrow, Friday, April 7.

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