Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas – Season 2, four clips of the Italian dubbing


Published on Nov 03, 2017


At the conclusion of the meeting the public where they announced the new publications for the year 2018, the Yamato, the Video showed four preview clips of the Italian dubbing of the second season of the Knights of The Zodiac – Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas – The Myth of the King Of the Underworld, forthcoming home video.

The pills were also posted on the official YouTube channel of the publisher, Yamato Animation; ve the below.

Gianluca Iacono (Ikelos):

Erica Laiolo and Martina Tamburello:

Tony Sansone (Hypnos):

Simone Lupinacci (Tenma of Pegasus):

Remember that the first season is available from June 2017 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc published by Yamato Video and distributed by Koch Media:

“Europe, the eighteenth century, the cyclical, the holy war between Hades and Athena for the domination of the land is about to begin. 243 Years prior to the series of The Knights of the Zodiac, the fate of three orphans give life to a deadly whirlpool that will lead the earth to destruction. Live the exploits of Tenma, Sasha and Alone and the advent of their adventures in ancient mythology, discover the reincarnations of Pegasus, Athena and Hades in the Italy of the 1700's. Begins the prologue to the original Saint Seiya.”

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas – Season 2, four clips of the Italian dubbing is




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